Friday, February 28, 2014

Well, last night I slept on the couch because I didn't want to change the sheets in the morning, so I changed them yesterday....well that resulted in a very nice snuggle with the kitten all night because he was cold (down to about 55 overnight) and Karma was nearby snuggling on the footstool because she couldn't fit on the couch with us.

We got up at 5:30 and I got breakfast, got organized and woke up to find my power cord stopped working.  I woke Spence up at 6:45 and we both finished getting organized and got Karma off to daycare on our way to the airport.

We got in and through security quickly and then waited for our flight to board.  We arrived safely and then took the train downtown.  We walked over and when we arrived at the hotel, they asked if we'd like to get an upgrade to a 1 bd-corner, yes please!  Our suite is nice - no kitchen, but the lounge and snack floor is down the stairs at our door.

We headed out to lunch at Miku - Spence managed to eat the Sashimi sampler with soup, rice, salad, sashimi and veggies and topped it with calamari for dessert.  I had the vegi sushi sampler, which was great - bbq'd eggplant, mushroom, avocado and asparagus - both very good.

We then walked over to see Igor, but he wasn't there and then headed to Fluevog to get laces for Spence and to look at a pair of shoes I'd been drooling over on their webpage.  I tried on the shoes but they were not comfortable and didn't fit right - but Spence pointed out another shoe and they were totally me and fun.

 Then Spence and I walked back to the hotel, he went upstairs and I went back to the mall - Murchies for my annual tea purchase from them and then off to Apple to get a new power cord.

I got the power cord and then headed back to see what was out for snacks.  I grabbed a few things and then came upstairs to share with Spence.

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