Saturday, February 01, 2014

We took yesterday off and all just relaxed - very nice.  For BD supper #3 we went to Yume Sushi and had a great meal.  Then I dropped Spence off at home and Dave and I went to Home Depot for some window shopping.

Spence texted me while we were shopping to say he was going over to Jacob's for a sleepover.  When we got home he was already off and so we continued to catch up on our lives and reno ideas and then went to be fairly early as he had an early gig at the Cactus Club and I was just wiped.

Today the plan is more relaxing, once Dave is home and has had a nap from work, we'll get the engineer's questions addressed for the landing.

Spence is making pasta for BD dinner #4 :) that is his BD present to me.

Overall, should be a very relaxing Saturday

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