Monday, February 03, 2014

The weekend went by fast.  Spence did two sleepovers at Jacob's and still managed to make me a birthday supper on Saturday - spaghetti w mushroom tomato sauce and chili chicken for him and Dave.

Sunday was another relaxing day - Spence came home around 11am and went to bed as the boys pulled an all nighter - coming over at 2am to have snacks at our house and then back to Jacob's for more video game time.

Sunday evening was another birthday dinner - this time with Kirsten and we tried out a new place Safari Grill - it was ok, but not as good as we'd heard.  It was great catching up with Kirsten, have to make it a habit to go out with her more often and keep in touch more.  While I went to another BD dinner, Spence and Dave headed out to Smash Burger and had a great supper there.

Once home, we all went about doing our own thing - Dave working on my LED lights for the door numbers, Spence playing online with his buddies and me trying to finish this payroll journal entry I've been working on for months....did finish it last night!

Today I took Dave to the airport for his flight to Saskatoon - gross roads, we couldn't see the lines with the blowing snow and so we took it really easy.  He's through security and his flight is on-time.

Spence and I will have a regular Monday - school, work, chill and then Spence will head out with his dad for dinner.

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