Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spence had a great time with his dad yesterday, I managed to run all my errands and do some of the chores on my list as well as work.

Spence and I had decided this year that one of our community give backs would be to foster animals which were up for adoption so they wouldn't have to be killed.  We signed up in January and we got our first foster yesterday.

She is a loving dog and she is totally into snuggling - which of course isn't what any of our current pets do - so it was different having a 30 lb dog in your lap for almost the entire night.  She has a few issues with the whole food thing (kinda like Karma when she came into our family), she's very energetic and so we played a lot of ball last night and so both her and Karma were exhausted.  She likes to jump - she jumped higher than Spence last night as he was playing with her.  She's house trained and she's very loving.  So if you know anyone who is looking to add a very loving house dog to their family - check Sykes out.

This is her profile on AARCS

Sykes - mixed breed smaller medium sized dog

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