Thursday, February 06, 2014

Spence had a good day yesterday - getting everything done and heading out with his dad for supper with the girls.

I had left over chinese for lunch and had a reaction again - I thought the prior night was another food, but it was the Chinese - there must have been MSG in it.  I gave Karma some at supper figuring that since she wanted to try it and it was going to waste, I'd add it into her supper and Hunters.

Hunter did fine, but Karma had a massive allergic reaction and I spent the rest of the night up with her.  Benadryl helped a bit, but not much - she has been up all night and she wants me to be touching her all the time.  She won't eat, pee, drink, sleep - she just sits and stares with pupils fully dilated - at least now she is answering to her name.  We have a vet appointment this morning instead of her going to daycare.

I had called the emergency vet but they said it could wait until she can see her regular doc.

Today is busy with school for Spence, work for me and lunch at IKEA for Spence with the PE crew.

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