Saturday, February 08, 2014

So Karma is doing well.  Hunter has calmed down but still isn't eating much or drinking much - hoping he get's back to normal shortly.

Today is busy - Spence didn't get to stay up late last night because he had a driving refresher course at 10am....2 hours of driving on icy roads in -15 weather with Crowchild and Shaganappi both shut down due to major accidents.....this is probably the worst driving conditions he'll drive in for a while, so hoping he does well and is confident for his road test after today's lesson.

Once driving is done, Spence has a birthday party he's going to.  Jacob and Spence were born 2 days apart, so they are planning their sleepovers a week apart :)

I've got work and chores to do and otherwise, it'll be a quiet but busy Saturday.

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