Wednesday, February 26, 2014

School day today, a bit of work for me, ortho for Spence (he's getting his new retainer), then Spence is off with his dad to snowboard and I'm off to celebrate a 25th anniversary for a company I do some work with every once in a while.

So the awesome Nikon camera I purchased at the end of September 2013 - broke while in Hawaii.  Turns out it corroded from being in over 80% humidity - seriously - Nikon says it's cameras are not to be used in (1) areas where humidity is over 80% and (2) where it may rain (3) where it may be exposed to wet conditions....this is from the head of customer service at Nikon....really?  A camera you can't use on vacation in the tropics?  why buy a camera then in the first place - use a point & click.  For $700 I am very disappointed in the quality of build and the resulting customer service and will never purchase another product again from them as they have proven with this experience that they advertise that their camera's do one thing - but in reality they are not built for that purpose.  Very disappointing.  Will be calling Visa to see if they can help with the issue as they do have a good purchase warranty.

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