Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last night was Spencer's first birthday dinner....continuing in grama's tradition, we're celebrating for as long as possible :)

Yesterday was a great day off for Spence - he slept in, then had soup and played with his buddies and then he did his practice driving for about 15 minutes and then he drove to Gerri's place to pick grama up on the way to Cactus Club.

We thought it wise not to have Spence drive to Cactus Club with grama in the car, so I drove from Gerri's place.  We arrived about 10 minutes early to find both Grampa and James already seated at a table and they had placed the appi order in already so it came pretty quickly after we all sat down.

Spence got money from auntie (the best pressie I think for a 16 yr old), grama & grampa gave Spence a reloadable visa card and James and I had split the cost of a replica sword Spencer wanted.  We all had a nice meal and James and Spence planned out their week and then we headed home.

Spence went down to play with Jonathan, who hasn't been online for a while due to school and so they played, I was tired so I knocked off early.

Today because Bailey is sick and Spence wanted to do some school and driving, we've opted not to do PE and we'll do some school, driving and then BD dinner #2 from me - I'm making him his favorite Butter Chicken for dinner tonight.

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