Thursday, February 13, 2014

I guess Spencer is doing a week of sleepovers ...... so he had dinner with his dad last night and then his dad dropped him off at Jacob's so they could celebrate Jacob's BD (they are both now 16) and then called to tell me he was sleeping over and could  I pick him up in the morning so he could get school done.....not sure how that's going to work, given they like to stay up virtually all night, but then again, it's one week and boy are the boys enjoying their joint birthday.

So I worked until I was too tired to look at the computer and then toddled off to bed.

Today I pick Spence up and he'll do school while I go to a seminar, then I think we're heading out to Cochrane for lunch and then to drums and then back to Cochrane for Spence to visit some more with Jonathan and then they want to do a sleepover for Spencer's BD.  So we'll see where we end up today - school will get done, work will get done and we'll see what else we end up doing.

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