Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Darned it's cold!  -28 without wind and pee time is fast even for Karma the husky :)

I actually closed my window last night - which is usually opened a crack because my side of the house doesn't get any wind and so the fresh air is nice.

Dave left late last night for Kelowna as he has a job to do early today.  Then he's back in Vancouver for a few weeks and then back in Saskatoon for a few weeks and round and round he'll go until May.

Spence was hoping to head out to COP tonight, but with this weather, he decided he'd rather not and so his dad and him will head out to do something with Tammy and the girls instead he thinks.

I am trying to finish off the last of the audit stuff for this year and close off all my files by Friday - so I'll just be working.

For school today - the usual - math, reading, printing, essay, drums, live streaming, parking practice..not much else.

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