Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bailey was still sick, but Spence had a good PE day anyhow.  He was red in the face when he came to eat lunch from playing basketball with the rest of the group.  Since this was the first Tuesday he was back after his BD, the kids all pitched in and bought him a chocolate bar and chips :)

We headed home early and Spence did some chores and I started on supper so it would be ready when we were hungry - nachos and taco night for us.

Sykes was amazing all day inside the house, but when I took her outside we met up with both Digby and Hudson (neighbour dogs) and she went bat crap crazy - which made the walk very disappointing, although with her gentle leader on, she wasn't pulling.  I took her home and she relaxed again immediately.  I thought we'd be ok because she was in such a good mood, but then Noc showed himself and Sykes snapped at him and then chased him back into the bedroom :(  I figured I'd deal with that later and went to get Karma from daycare.

When Karma came home Sykes went mental and attacked her as she stepped in the door.  Spence and I pulled them apart and put Karma back in the garage for a moment while we both tackled Sykes into the kennel and locked her in.  We let Karma back in who was not only tired for daycare all day but was like WTF?

I called the agency and said this was just too stressful - this wasn't play fighting and it wasn't pack order fighting - this was I want to kill you fighting and snapping at the kitten was a no go because the kitten couldn't protect itself.

I felt sad to have to give Sykes back, she is such a wonderful dog when she is on her own with humans.  She had sat on my lap part of the afternoon while I worked, she followed me around with her chew toy in her mouth while I did chores.  She sat nicely waiting for play time, we did fetch in the house - I know she will make some family a great family dog, but unfortunately we couldn't continue to foster her because of how she acted with Karma and Noc.

She is back at AARCS now, her room is spacious - big single kennel with a bed and space to walk.  Lots of volunteers there and she'll get some time with other dogs and some training.

Today is a stay at home school day for Spence - so he'll be doing math (we're trying out a new set of books this week), spelling, reading, essay, printing, drums, live streaming, cleaning his rooms and geography.

I'm doing some review work and some 2014 planning for another client and I plan to take a bit of time off for coffee with a few home school moms.

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