Saturday, January 18, 2014

Turns out Spence was having a sleepover, just forgot to tell me :)

I picked the boys up last night at the train station around 4:30 or so and we headed off to Revolution so they could shop.  Then it was off to Bubbles Sushi across the street another little hole in the wall I heard about on facebook.  It wasn't as good as Yume as far as I was concerned, but we did come away with a lot of left overs, which the boys ate throughout the night.  Their sushi was also a bit unique (in a good way), so it was worth the experience and I would order out from them in the future.

We then headed to Safeway to get some snacks for them and then home.  Once home, they holed up in the basement to play games and I did another few hours of work before heading off to bed.

This morning we all slept in (animals and me) till nearly 10am and then made some breakfast.  The boys got up just after I did, ate some yogurt and then headed back down to the cave.

Today Spence is heading out with his dad for some browsing and I'm off to get a few things that we need while they are out.

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