Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long night last night.  Karma had the runs and was up every 2 hours to tell me she had to off we went.  My mom fell down 3 times yesterday, so they took her into Emergency and I had to wait till this morning to find out what was going on.

So long night, think I'm going to nap today.

I went first thing and got pumpkin puree and made rice for Karma's breakfast.  It's our go to get the runs away food.  Then I called the hospital to find out they have no clue why my mom was falling so much - they said they'd moved to allow her to take her own meds - so she might have under or over medicated - I'm like - her room is a bio hazard zone - you can't let her dish out her own meds.  You tried that before and it doesn't work because she has the memory of a squirrel....oh well.  All we can do is tell them to help her, we can't make them help her.

Will finish up some chores today and do some work and Spence is going to hang not much on the go for us.

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