Friday, January 31, 2014

After nearly 30 hrs on the road (between bad road conditions, crazy drivers and no snow tires) Dave arrived safely at our place.  We were off though - Spence at the Museum and me at work.  He unloaded and then got stuff organized.....I in the meantime asked if he'd met  Hadn't seen the cat.

So I sent him looking for the cat, cat disappeared - no amount of treat sounds or calling lured the cat out.  Now I'm thinking did the cat escape into -16 degree weather?

So it was an hour before we usually leave, but I was in a tizzy and picked up Spence early and off we went.  By the time I reached the Museum though and we were on the way home, Dave had found Noc in the furthest corner of my room hiding and making himself very, very small.

Instead of turning around (Spence only had about 15 min left on his shift at that point), we went home and Spence practiced parallel and parking lot parking - so far he'd hit a car everytime, but by the end of the parking practice session, he was doing better.  We'll be practicing that daily I think.

Once home, we found Noc, coaxed him out and properly introduced him to Dave.  Noc was a bit hesitant at first, but warmed up quickly.  I caught up with Dave a bit and then he went to take a nap and Spence and I went for drum practice.

After drums, Spence went over to Jacob's for a few hours and I came home to make supper before leaving for BD celebration #2.  I decided on panini's for dinner - I pulled out cheese, meats, sauces, breads, etc and got it all organized.  I made mine and then left the guys to make their own as they got hungry.

I had picked Karma up on the way back from drums and when she saw Dave she was really excited - they get along really well.

Once I fed the animals and myself, I got ready to leave for a tea party - a few of my girlfriends got together and we went to one of their homes close by and had drinks - tea, coffee, wine, juice and caught up with each other for a few hours.  It was a great way to celebrate my bd with friends and was so nice to catch up.

I got home and worked a bit before deciding it was time to catch up with my brother and also talk design ideas and problems I was having with some elements of the kitchen.  Spence chilled with his buddies and played video games for a while.

Spence wanted to stay up till midnight, so he could be the first to tell me Happy Birthday - so he did :) I got a bit hug and a kiss and a off tune Happy Birthday song :) the best from a son :)

Today we are going to take it easy, a bit of school and driving and then dinner out to celebrate my BD.

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