Saturday, December 06, 2014

Looks like he's over the hump.....he slept for a whole 4 or 5 hours last night before he started coughing and his voice is croaky - but he can talk.  He also had pasta last night instead of just soup.  Still on bedrest, but looks like he's finally on the mend.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Spence is going onto Day 5 of bedrest due to this virus he has - he sleeps about 2 hours at a time and coughs a lot, but worst of all, his throat is still really sore.

Hoping he's nearly over the hump and will start to get better soon.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Spence has lost his voice and has a sore throat since Sunday....loads of water, halls, meds and rest time without talking.

Comfort food for supper - mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken nuggets and garlic toast.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Ottafest time again.....
Fallout New Vegas outfit

Sam & Spence ready for CosPlay

Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's been a few days - so far we've had school, PE, more school and today Spence did his museum volunteer time.

I've been working and that's about it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

First ski night for Spence tonight - I'm doing chores, working and a bit of reading.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

We've been busy - school & work mainly and getting better.

My mom's 71st birthday was on the 15th and Dave flew out for it and we took her birthday cake, fried chicken with fries and chicken noodle soup.

Spence headed off to a hockey game with his dad on the same weekend

Dave and I worked on the cabinet a bit as well - I wanted it done by the end of November.

Cabinet is now done - only the XBox has to be connected - not sure why it's not working....otherwise, it's all done and all AV stuff is hooked up.

We also had our facilitator meeting last week - which was a long one as we were covering off what we needed to do for our Gr 12 stuff - Joe was great and we are all set now.  Spence is registered to write his departmental exams and he's studying for them along with doing his Latin twice a week and generally keeping busy - PE, Volleyball, soon to be snowboarding again.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Spence and I have both been sick on and off for the past week.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Well, Spence was sick all day yesterday - today is a stay at home day for him, so if he's better - he'll do some school otherwise, it'll be another rest day.

I'm back to work today at the office.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Spence caught something from one of his friends and was sick on Monday and shared it with me.  He got the worst of it though with his feeling nauseous, sore throat, ear aches, etc - I got the sore throat, ear ache and sinus pains.

He decided he wanted to go out with grampa for dinner despite being sick, so he did his english and latin homework and then rested until grampa came.  He got home, played a video game or so and then went to bed early.

Today is supposed to be PE, etc - but I'm having him stay home and I'll be heading into the office once I'm sure he'll be ok for today.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Saturday was very, very busy - woke up before 9am and then spent almost an hour trying to capture one of the kittens so that I could take the two fixed ones to a cat adoption event.  Unfortunately, neither was adopted and neither was even looked at....there were about 70 or 80 kittens at the event.

I got home about 1:30 and the photographer came by to take pictures of them, so they can be posted up on the AARCS website and in the meantime, Spence was working on the last bits of his costume.

We finished up the costume just before we left for Paige's Halloween party - while he did that, I caught up on some work and then drove over to grab him around 11pm.  We got home and I worked a bit more and he went off to chat with his friends.

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween and no kids again.....Spence however, headed out with Jacob to a party at a friends house - ah, the life of a teen :)

Yesterday we flew home - we arrived after a very long day and were happy to be home.  The kittens have grown into cats while we were away and Noc seems to like being king of the cat pack.  Both Karma and Priya were excited to see us and hung out next to me until bed time.

I've taken today off - figuring it's time for laundry, groceries, etc - will work from home a bit as well.  Should be a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well, it's our last full day here - I have loads of work, Spence has school work - and we've decided to skip all of that and have a fun day instead.

Spence is off for an afternoon of Trampolining and after I drop him off and take some pictures, I plan to head over to Atlantic Coast Kayak Co and head out for a quick paddle.  I am so excited as I've wanted to head out the entire trip but with the bad weather, going out didn't seem like a lot of fun.  Today it's supposed to be cloudy in the afternoon, but still fairly nice.  The loop I am on, is about 7 miles, so I will have to come back to finish the entire thing....something to do for next time!

Well, I'm off to grab a coffee and then figure out what else I need to get done before we head home tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It is Tuesday, only 2 more sleeps till we leave for's decent weather again and it's latin class day - which here, happens kinda in the late morning.

We'll have to see what we're doing today as there are a lot of options.....the weather is supposed to be decent today with just minimal cloud and a light wind and the water looks like it's decent - so we'll have to see what's going on once he's done class...there is also D&D today, we're hanging with Ethan, Todd & Michelle and we're thinking Udupi for supper - our fav Indian place here in SFl.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Spence slept most of yesterday - catching up after being up all night for Ethan's BD party.  We kinda was quite cloudy again, so other than nap and chill - that was about it.

Today the sun was out (mostly) but the water was flat, so Spence headed off to PE and I went back to try to get a bit of sun and then get work done - because somehow my latest contract doesn't seem to know what the word 'vacation' means.

Spence was driven back by Michelle and I picked up Spence and we headed to Tate's - but didn't find anything, so we headed to Skyline for our last Skyline meal for the trip.

Back home - work/school and then hot tub time.....then bed time.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Despite all the rain, we've been having a great time.  Last night was our annual Nobu dinner out and it still is a wow meal.  Our waitress was fantastic and picked food based on questions she asked and each dish was incredible.....nothing disappointed.

It was pouring rain, so we had to duck and run to and from the restaurant - but otherwise, it was a very nice night - it's too bad we couldn't walk around the beach area like we usually do.

We got home and after a bit, headed off to the hot tub for a soak and then back - to bed for me and for Spence some game playing time.

Today - finally it's sunny - but we have other commitments throughout the day - so I'll hop by the pool and tan for a bit before heading out to meet up with folks and do a bit more shopping.  Spence is off for Ethan's BD party tonight - overnight laser tag.  He also has some homework that he's working on and otherwise he's chillin today.

Yes, those are my lobster tacos.....yum

Annual family picture at Nobu

New car for Todd & Michelle

Friday, October 24, 2014

Well, it continues to rain and be very icky....we have yet to hit the beach on this trip due to bad weather and the few days that had nice weather, we already had plans not a total loss, but still a bit disappointing that the weather hasn't been better....on the other hand, we haven't suffered too much, as we have a 2 bd apt to hang out in when we're not out with Todd, Michelle & Ethan, the home school group or tooling around the mall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Well it's been a busy few days......after Boomer's last week, we took Friday off to relax and went to Sublime for supper - took about half the meal home as we had ordered a 3 course meal each....although Spence did not take home any of the Mac & Cheese or Ravioli - he finished both off at the restaurant.

Saturday Spence hung out with his friends and I did my annual Sawgrass trip and scored big on sales and then Sunday was another hang out with friends day...we opted not to go to the beach as it was so busy at the malls, etc that we figured we'd go on a weekday.

Monday I headed up to West Palm Beach to have lunch and catch up with Laura, then got caught in a traffic jam as they closed the highway going south.  Finally got home about 2.5 hrs later - 1.5 hrs after I thought I would, but still early enough to grab the boys.

Spence had headed to PE with Ethan and then after supper we all went to fencing.

Yesterday we had planned a beach day, but it was raining and Spence was sick, so we hung out at home and then headed to Hard Rock to grab our glasses, my t-shirt, a hoodie for Caitlin as a thank you for house sitting and supper - supper sucked, the rest was good.  I had planned on taking Spence to the Japanese Fusion place at the Hard Rock, but it had closed a few months back.  After supper, I dropped Spence off at his buddies house and I headed home to do a bit more work.

Today is mini-golf, after my conference calls and then we'll have to see tomorrow and friday as both days are supposed to rain big time again.  Today it's overcast and spitting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Boomer's - waiting for the go-karts to open

Yesterday was a full day of conference calls for me (not happy) and Spence had Latin class.  Once his class was over, I drove us to Boomer's so that the boys could do a day of go-karting.  The go-karts don't open until 4pm, but the guys did open it up for us - mainly b/c Michelle pointed out that the hours for the big track weren't on the website and that was the only reason we were here.

The kids rode for about a half hour or so and then headed back to the main park and did bumper boats, mini-golf, baseball, etc until near 4pm.

We went home and I took a nap till 5pm and Spence gamed.  We headed over to Skyline after that and met up with Todd, Michelle & Ethan for supper - great supper again.

We then took Ethan back to our place and the boys had a sleepover / gaming night.  We went to the hot tub for a bit and then I went to bed early as I was just wiped out and the boys continued to play video games for a while.

Today - is a rest/relax day - no real plans.  It's a bit colder today, so we'll see if we're just hanging out or if we're going to maybe do a mall or something before we head out for dinner at Sublime.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Well, I worked till about midnight last night and Spence played video games and then did some homework - he has class today at 8:45 MT/10:45 ET and then we have Boomer's after that for him and I'm on calls for most of the day, unfortunately.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Park Day & Ninja Tag

D&D game for homeschoolers

View from our condo - lake front and boy is it quiet

Yesterday was a very relaxing first day of vacation......we chilled until school time and Spence logged into the Latin class and then we got ready for D&D.

Michelle & Ethan came by to grab us and we all headed over to the game shop.  We stopped at Olive Garden as Michelle has a sweet deal with a card she bought from them - then the kids played for just over 2 hrs and then we headed back to Michelle's for a bit, with another stop for food at the Olive Garden for Spence.

We all had a great visit and then they came back here, while Todd worked and the boys had a swim in the pool, while Michelle and I got new SIM cards for the US phones and some items at Walmart.  We got back and the boys decided they wanted to do a sleepover - so they all left and I got some serious work done last night.

Today is park day and some errands for me along with more work, while I have no commitments this morning.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Florida Vacation - 1

Spence had 4 chili dogs and a plate of fries once we landed and stopped at Skyline for supper
Finally back to Florida .... :)

We started our adventure at 3am yesterday, getting ready and up for the flight.  We were off by 4am without any issues.  We were both so tired, neither of us slept at all and we had upgraded to the plus seats and discovered you get free food/drinks on the flight - which saved us as nothing was really open when we left.

We arrived at Toronto on time, then went through customs and realized we had to go back and get our bags.  We got our bags and went back through customs - and then onto security and our gate.  We discovered a few things - Spence doesn't have his fingerprints on file and so we have to do that or he can no longer use the kiosks - so we will do that and the Westjet lounge in Pearson is one big bar and Starbucks coffee shop - so we bought a yogurt and shared that as neither of us wanted fried foods - too tired.

We had a very smooth flight and we counted down the hours to landing during the flight and finally arrived at 5:30 (on-time).  We headed over to the Dollar counter and discovered that there were only two agents and the line up was long (I was second in line at least).  A half hour later, I still hadn't seen an agent and finally the manager walked by and got another 3 agents out to help the renters.  Not sure why the agents chatting it up with customers couldn't call for more help - but whatever.

I had gotten an email about a discount from my rate, so I asked for it and eventually got the rate discount when the manager told the agent to match it.  It was only $40 - but every dollar helps.

We then headed to the apartment we rented and met with the owner Deborah.  She is a sweet lady and the place is much better than last year.  Nice complex and the hot tub and pool are nice.

We then headed off to Skyline when we found out that Ethan was fencing and ate our fill before I dropped Spence off at the condo and I headed off to the grocery store.  I got our base supplies for the next month, snacks and the few things I forgot to pack.  Once unpacked at home, we headed off to the hot tub for a bit and then once home, we both decided it was time for bed.

Today - still groggy but will start our vacation as soon as we're both up!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Only two more sleeps and we're off to Florida.....still so much to do before we go.  We both packed last night and I have discovered 3 computers + camera and chargers = almost 30 lbs on it's we're looking at how to split the load up better and reduce the amount of luggage we have b/c the surf boards are huge.

I am hoping to finish cleaning the house today and then vacuum tomorrow and get groceries for Caitlin, who will be house sitting for me again.

Spence has been slogging along with Latin, English 30, his study group and essay writing classes - we'll be taking all that stuff with us as he can't afford to get behind on his assignments at this point.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Well, we were really sick for about a week and got very little we're all better and not only trying to get caught up, but get ready for Florida too.

English 30 Study Group

Spence is still doing Latin 2x a week, the English 30 study group, his English 30 key, his English 30 essay classes as well as PE & Volleyball (3x a week)....lots to get done, we'll be taking school work with us, so he doesn't fall behind.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Well, Spence was recovering yesterday - but still sick.  I am opting to keep him away from work as I don't want him to get any older veteran sick with whatever he has.

He will still do a bit of homework, but not a full day of school work.

The HVAC guys are coming today to fix the last of the deficiencies I had on my list and the gas inspector came yesterday - his list included getting the building inspection done for the new mechanical room - so I won't get my permit sticker for at least a month or two - not too worried though.  The minor issues he noted were easy fixes.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Spence got hit badly with the same thing I had on the weekend - think yesterday was the big day and hoping today will be the start of recovery.  I was also hit, but not as badly and with some meds, made it through the day.

Spence at least made it through Latin before he was actually done for the day - now to see how he does today.

Today is gas inspection day for our new furnace - hoping there are no issues.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So, whatever I had, Spence got.  Over the weekend, we were both sick and so took it easy and skipped all activities.

Yesterday, we were both feeling a bit better, but the animals were all sick.  Spence still took it easy, but I went to work.

We decided to go out for dinner and try a new Raman House I found downtown - which was very good and we brought home lots of left overs for dinner tonight.

Today is Latin, PE and the Novel Study busy day for Spence.  For me it's kitten vet time - time for another weigh in and then off to work.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

best laid plans and such.  I came home to take Spence to his game and discovered I was feeling really ill.  All day at work, I was feeling off, had a headache and pretty much felt like a truck ran me over, but I figured a small power nap and I'd be good....not so.  I ended up sleeping almost 19 hours from the time I came home to this morning.

Spence took care of the animals, gave me some meds for my aches / pains and headache and such and Karma decided it was her job to snuggle up to me and make sure I stayed warm.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit better, but not sure yet how much better.  Will wait to see how breakfast settles and then decide from there.

Spence has a game tonight, so I need to at least make it for that.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Another very busy day at the Dahl household.  Spence has Dr. Jekyll, Essay writing, English 30 and Volleyball today at a minimum and then out with his dad tonight.

I am off to my client's this morning, volleyball this afternoon and then off to a birthday celebration of a good friend.  Once home, I plan to prep the basement wall for the foam insulation and then do a bit of studying and work.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, today was an interesting Latin class as the teacher forgot about it and didn't show up.  She was attending a funeral and was busy with the arrangements and completely forgot - but the kids decided to have the class anyhow and did a self-directed class.  They didn't assign any homework though as they don't know what the teacher had planned for the following week.

Spence worked on his essay, Dr. Jekyll and his English 30 and he did the dishes.

I ended up home at 3pm as my client had a team building event (shooting range) and so I did the photographs for it.

Spence and I went to Best Buy to grab a few things and then once Green Chili opened, we went out for our weekly dinner.  Once we got home, I finished shoring up the basement wall so that I can put up the next layer (closed cell foam insulation) tomorrow or Saturday.  Now it's time to study a bit and do a bit of work, while Spence plays some video games on the living room TV (currently the basement is not useable).

Yesterday, Spence worked on his essay class homework and did some latin in preparation for today's class.

He is struggling with having to get up at 8:30 for the class, every 2nd day - but life will throw morning classes at him and it's a good idea to learn how to deal with them now.

He is also still working through (very slowly) his English 30 key and his Dr. Jekyll homework for next Tuesday's class.

Tonight is a rest and relax night for both of us - our only night without any major commitments this week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spence had a lot of school to catch up on (and still does), but he got up yesterday at 10am and did some school, decided a nap was in order and then got up again about a half hour later and did more school - Latin & Dr. Jekyll were the big ones yesterday.  He still has his essay writing, more Latin and more Dr Jekyll to do this week and he also has his English 30, driving practice and PE stuff.

I got home around 4:30 and drove him straight to his volleyball practice - I ended up dropping him off and heading to the grocery store to get the majority of our groceries for the week and then had a training session for both Priya and Karma with Jenn.

When we were almost done, James dropped Spence off as he had arrived around 5:30 at the dome to watch Spence practice and then take him out for supper at Earl's afterwards.

Spence did more homework once he was home and I got myself organized and did some client work and then we both toddled off to bed by 11pm as we have a long day again today.

PE for Spence, along with Latin first thing and then his novel study group in the afternoon before dinner - and we have Paige over for dinner - she's trying out a new recipe on Spence (Lobster).

Sunday, September 21, 2014

So....since the 9th.....

Spence got injured in volleyball practice, then got sick and then sliced his toe open....this will be the first week he's back at it.

He did some school while he was sick - Latin, Essay Writing, Novel Study group and a bit of English 30.

He's back at it this week - a bit of school, driving practice, PE and Volleyball.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The joys of living in snowed - yes it went from nearly 27 degrees on Sunday to 1 degree on Monday and from sunny skies to snow....about 3 or 4" on our deck.

More snow is on the way and then back to +15 degrees by the weekend.

In the meantime....Spence got the cold/flu I had and is busy being sick as a dog.  His first volleyball practice went well, until the last 15 minutes and I don't think that has helped as his face still hurts as well as having a headache, stuffy nose, nausea and general he's home sick.

Noc got sick too - so off to the vet with him.  The kittens are being checked for weight to see if they can get neutered and spayed and to see if Kari's heart murmur has gone away....and the pups are healthy and very energetic - Priya decided to eat Dave's blanket - thank goodness it was only $30 and I have a 2nd one I use in the living room for when it's'll now be the new guest room blanket when we have guests.

Well back to work for I am still healthy today.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Well, this weekend I'm pushing to get the rest of the stuff done before the HVAC is installed as it's a week long process.

Friday, I woke up still sick and decided to see if the meds would kick in long enough for me to make it to work....they finally did and I was in the office by 11:30 and stayed till about 4:30.

Spence got up and did a bit of school, then Paige texted and he went over for the rest of the day.  I went to pick him up at 10pm and they were playing star wars (as in outside with light sabres) all three of them - Taylor, Paige & Spence.  Taylor got killed almost immediately, while the other two went on for another half hour, so Paula and I had tea.

We left at 11:30 and I went to bed with more meds, while Spence headed over to Jacob's for a bit and then came home to play video games.

Yesterday - I got up and did a lot of chores - laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc and got stuff organized for dinner - which were doubles last night.  Spence got up around 3pm and was ready for his breakfast of doubles :)

He showered and got ready for volleyball practice and we left at 6:15 so that we would be there a few minutes early.  I stayed for the entire practice, reading my book, along with a few other parents.  There were four full courts and more than 12 kids per court, so they took turns with drills.  Eventually Spence managed to hurt himself (near the end) enough to be taken out of the game and he had a cold pack on his face for the last 15 minutes of play.  He enjoyed it though and we're back for practice on Monday night.

We headed off to Starbucks as a treat - found two of them closed and looked for a 3rd on the way home (there are 4 on the way home) and that one was open and so we both had our orders ready quickly and we headed home.

He went off to Jacob's again - he was meeting up with Gino, Jacob and the girls and off they went for the rest of the night - wandering from house to house.  They came here for a bit, let the kittens out and then couldn't capture them - Spence has now learned we don't let the kittens out after mum has put them to bed.  I had to get up and coax the last one to me so that she would come back to her crate and her safe place and bed.  Spence decided to do a sleep over at Jacob's about 4 am and walked over to let me know.

We (the critters and I) got up around 8:30, had our snuggles and then decided it was time to get up.  Made breakfast for everyone - crepes this morning and some coffee for me and now we'll get to the rest of our day - drywall the garage for me, some more chores and some work.  Critters will be chillin and Spence will come home before supper I'm sure.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Oops, thought Latin started yesterday, but it starts on Tuesday.  However, in my defense, there was nothing from the teacher to let me Spence got up early, did the rest of his school and then chilled playing video games until his dad grabbed him for supper.

I was supposed to go to a networking event after work, but my ear infection was so bad, I left work right after my last meeting and headed straight to bed and didn't get up until almost 9am today.  Feeling much better, but the ear is still tender, so planning to take it easy.

Today is more basic school for Spence, work for me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

So over the past week or so, Spence went off with his dad to do their annual boys away vacation to PAX in Seattle with Todd & Ethan.

They had a great time and came back tired and full of swag.

I worked, then worked on the house with Dave when he came back from Sask for the long weekend.  Dave and I got a lot done in preparation for having heat again (and boy do we need it now)...I have heat in the front entry (yay) and the fireplace (yay), but everything else is cold in the house - but we're ready to go.  I beat the bench from hell and it's down and lumber has been saved for another project, overhead storage in the garage has been mounted and filled - now just have to get the last of the stuff done - clean out half the basement so the HVAC guys can work, put more flooring down in the new mechanical room as we had to expand it by about 2 feet.

This week we get back at it.

Spence has a full load this semester - Latin (14 week course), Essay Writing (for his English 30 exam prep) (3 more weeks), Novel Study (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) with his study group, PE starts up, Volleyball starts up, volunteering starts up again, he's possibly got a debate club as well and he's got a grammar class as very busy few months.  He also is continuing to practice his driving skills, and a few other things as he can fit them in...oh his English 30 Key, Socials 30 Key and we're still doing math & spelling quiz's .... ok ... I'm tired just writing this out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Well, Spence is off with his dad for PAX and I am at home with the critters and Dave - who is driving through on his way to Saskatoon for work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hadn't realized almost a whole month has flown by......August has been busy with Spence chillin with his friends, doing assignments for English (he is doing an online english writing course), doing his English 30 assignments and he has gone on vacation with his dad to Kelowna at the beginning of the month (BD vacation with Tammy & the girls)....then he did a weekend sleepover at his dad's and he's done a few sleep overs at friends homes as well.

Dave left and I steadily worked on the drywalling of the entry way and cutting the wood for the entertainment centre (which spence told me was not as perfect as what Dave would do - which is true).  I've been working and hanging out with my girlfriends - out for a few dinners and movies.

We also adopted Priya (previously Moli to us - when we were fostering her), she was returned to AARCS and as the original foster, I took her back and decided that she needed to stay with us.  She's a challenging 9 month old puppy - but not as bad as what Karma was at that age.  She adores Karma and Spencer, Karma likes her and then tolerates her when she wants some non-puppy time.  Noc remembered her and when she tried to trump Noc, Noc boxed her face a few times and put her in her place along with Karma snarling at Priya.....Noc now has no issues with the new dog.  The kittens are all familiar with getting sniffed and cleaned and Priya has been really good with them, although exuberant with wanting to play and not understanding how much bigger she is :) 

Next week Spence heads off with his dad for their annual PAX vacation and I will buckle down to do more renos.  I got the new hot water tank installed this week and it is such a pleasure to actually have consistent hot water.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014's been a few days.

The weather has been awesome this past week - true Calgary summer weather (mid-high 20's).   Dave continued to help with the entertainment centre but only got as far as getting the bottom pieces locked into place, when he gets back we'll do the top skins.  He was finally feeling better late Thursday and so we only had Friday & Saturday to do the cabinets.

He left on Sunday and I continued with the entryway insulation project.  The potlights were in, but with six, it was too much - so I unplugged 2 and Dave will re-route the electrical associated with them so I can remove the extra two and replace the stair lights with these new potlights.  I like them enough to put them in my kitchen, so I'll keep an eye out for when they go on sale.

Spence got his first Essay Writing assignment for his course and was working on it and sent it off on Tuesday.  Tuesday night he got it back with 'excellent' + some feedback for how to apply the work done to assignment 2.  He is enjoying the class, which is great.

Spence also started another Volleyball Camp on Monday and was too sick to go on Tuesday - which also meant he was too sick to go to Park Day - but better he gets well for the rest of camp, then miss it because of heat stroke + being sick.

I managed to get my first piece of drywall up on the entry way as well, now that all the insulation is in and we'll see how warm the entry is this winter.  I also got a baseboard heater that is 1500w - which was suggested by all the furnace guys - that will replace the space heater and will allow for zone heating in the space.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spence is off at his volunteer job today, I'm working from home and Dave is working on his work stuff still....maybe, just maybe I'll have my entertainment centre finished before he leaves for Saskatoon.

In other news....we have 3 new baby kittens for Karma....and she is in love again.  Got me up at 4am to feed them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yesterday in other news..... the kittens (Croft & Oppenheimer) were adopted by a young couple and have settled in nicely.  Karma, Noc and Spence miss them and so we are looking to get our next batch of kittens shortly.

We had decided as a group to do Sikome Lake yesterday and even though it was a bit blustery we went.  It turned out to be a nice day and the only big issue was that Spence got bit by a spider and his arm swelled up for a while.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dave arrived early yesterday morning after detouring through Kamloops & Vernon on his way to Kelowna to fix something at a gas a few extra hours on the road due to the fires.

He unloaded his truck with all the stuff required for Calgary & Sask and then hit the hay....he slept all day and all night and I am hoping he's ready to start on reno's tomorrow.  Today I am expecting he'll get his stuff organized for the two site jobs - both require prep work....then hoping my entertainment unit is up on the list.

In the meantime, Spence and I spent most of yesterday wandering the city - we got a catcher's chest protector for part of his costume, a respirator and paint / glue.  He painted the helmet we bought and we found a nerf gun he needs on kijiji - now to decide if the price is reasonable.

Today, I plan to head over to Risa's to help with her TV and then take down my ceiling in the entry for the plumber who is coming by today to make sure all is ready to go for the hot water tank install this week - yay, no more hot water tank issues.  Getting tired of having to resart the pilot and worrying about it leaking.  Also hoping to get some work done and then rest and relax a bit.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Last day of Volleyball Camp for this week (Spence has signed up again for the end of the month), I've got a few errands to run and some work to get done.

Dave is on his way back to Calgary and should be here by tomorrow as he has a few stops along the way and tonight we're off to Paula's for a BBQ supper.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yesterday, Spence woke up with a stuffy nose & headache - so I gave him the morning off volleyball camp.  Instead, once up and full of meds he watched a bit of TV and then did some light school (english 30, printing, reading) and then chilled until his dad came over to grab him for supper.

I decided it was a good day to go to Costco and do my run there - got what I needed, wanted and didn't know I needed :) and walked out $150 poorer - but - I've been tracking my savings and I actually saved $150 yesterday - $75 on the little chocolate milks Dave got me hooked on.  I also bought fresh croissants from there for Dave and Spence and then of course had to try one out - they are very good.

I also stopped at Canadian Tire to get a doggie pool - but although the internet said they had stock - they really didn't and so I ended up getting a kiddie pool (same pool - but twice as expensive) and took that home as well.

I filled up the pool once home and then let Karma explore it.  I did some work then decided it was time to finish up the darned basketball net - so that was finished after almost an hour and a half - glad that is finished - threw away the instructions and just put it together - was much less frustrating.  Went back in, worked some more then chilled on the patio with Karma for a bit, before coming back in to do a few chores around the house.

Today is 2nd to last day of volleyball camp and after camp - it'll be a bit of school before Spence heads back out for dinner with James.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taking advantage of the warm day - we did a teen park day.  Great weather, great company and the kittens got neutered while we were out.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today we had a great day - the day was beautiful (30-35) and we had a great homeschool group turn out.

The play was really well done and lots of fun.  Here are some pictures of our great day out.

Chillin before the play

Setup before the play started

Moving with the shade throughout the play

Ice Cream Please.....