Saturday, January 04, 2014

Well Friday my laptop went in to get a repair done for the SD card reader (logic board was replaced), which meant no work for me and so I did a few chores and read some magazines.

Picked up my computer this morning and then went to pick Spence up at the airport and then off to Edo for lunch and then home to finish making supper - rice and naan bread to finish up.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Woot - got up at 8:30 today :)

Today is all about waiting - the ladder i ordered back in November is being delivered sometime between 8am and 5pm along with the two TVs I bought - so I'll do chores, work and chill....hoping to jog today as it is the only day above 0 and we're about to go back into deep freeze weather for another week (ick!).

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So again up to 2am and slept in till 10am today - but as it is a holiday, no biggie - but tomorrow back to a routine I think.

Today is full of little things - making a grocery list and shopping for missing items for Indian feast on Saturday night, making a stand for a pressie, hemming some pants, putting up drywall, snuggling with Karma and Noc, making supper, etc

Good start to the new year :)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year :)
Another chore day and I figured out I have jetlag.  I couldn't get to sleep and then when I did I slept in till 9am again.....and with tonight being new years, I'm going to stay up till midnight.

Did a few chores, cooked and played with Karma - not exciting, but decent.

Monday, December 30, 2013

How does the day pass I get so little done?

Last night I had an allergy attack at 2am, so after taking Benadryl, I was out like a light until 9am - missed my alarm completely.

I had chores for today and some studying - decided I wanted one more day off before starting up work again.

Got another suitcase unpacked, tried to re-organize the pantry but gave up - I think that is a full weekend project.  Got the pets walked, watered and fed and called for a bunch of warranty stuff.

Planning on making some stir fry for dinner tonight and doing some studying and MS Project learning...not a very exciting day, but as it is -11 and not warming up, not much else to do :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

We all slept in to 10:30 and then I made crepes for all of us.  I finished unpacking my first suitcase and did some chores around the house before heading out to see the Hobbit with a few moms I know.

I went to Superstore to get a few things I forgot yesterday and then came home to make cabbage rolls (so that Spence wouldn't have to smell them - he doesn't like the smell of cabbage) for supper.

We had cabbage rolls for supper and now I'm relaxing and watching some TV while I study and learn how to use the latest project software from Microsoft :)
Well Friday night was my flight home - I hate Air Canada.  The airport decided I needed to pay for each surf board - not surf board bag like they said on the phone and charged in Calgary.  They decided I needed to pay a handling fee for everything - so $200 paid for luggage online and another $150 at the airport - I think they just decide on the fly what they will charge for luggage.

I will be calling to complain about the inconstancies and wrong info they provide on the phone.  At least the information should be available rather than surprise the person at the counter.

There was no line to get through security - so that was a breeze and then we got on the flight on time and were sitting ready to go.......2 hours later we left.  Not because of mechanical the pilot decided he didn't want fish or chicken - he wanted pizza - yes, you heard me right - pizza.  We waited 2 hours for pizza to arrive, so the captain could eat his pizza.

When complaints were made, he said he'd throw us off the plane and we could figure out how to get to Calgary on our own - he was the captain and his word was law, too bad, so sad if you didn't like waiting for 2 hours for pizza.

Seriously!  I will be complaining about that too.

So we land - 2 hrs late and they put us in holding in a corridor for 1.5 hours as they try to figure out what to do with 200 passengers that should have arrived 2 hours before when the airport was closed and they could route us through the right exits.  Surrounded by RCMP, TSA and US Customs officers.

Finally got out of the airport near 10am....very long flight and exit process.

Got Karma & Noc - they howled all the way home.  I spent time with them and then headed for the grocery store, bank, farmers market and Best Buy.  I scored a wicked deal on the TVs - I ended up with a 60" and a 32" for $1400 - wicked deal.  I missed out on the better deal for the 60" - I would have paid $1k - but $1400 for both isn't bad.

Once home, I made grama's hashbrown casserole and the pets and I had that for supper which was yummy and I got some unpacking done, etc.