Friday, December 13, 2013

Well I was up at 6am to finish the little things I forgot about all that organized and made breakfast.  I think we're ready to go now.

We fly out of Calgary and meet up with Leora in Vancouver and then we all fly together to Maui.  Spence and I ended up with 5 suitcases (1 surfboard bag, 2 dive bags and a suitcase each) - glad I rented a massive SUV for Maui as my surfboard bag fits in my truck - just barely.

Well happy holidays - we're off.  Miss our fur babies - but I know that Karma and Noc will be having fun and Bev called already to tell me Hunter has settled into his usual spot at her house and has gone back to 18 hour naps :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I thought yesterday was busy - well I've decided to skip some of the items on my to do list as I'm just plain out of time.

I'm going to have to leave some laundry unfinished, the drywalling of the garage will have to wait and I won't get all the work I wanted to prep before I left done....guess all will still be well.

We ended up having to buy Spence all new gear because he grew out of his fins & wetsuit and we needed new masks and then I got us each a dive bag so we could haul it around without getting our clothing all gross - I was hoping for 1 bag for both of us - but the bags are designed to hold only 1 persons stuff...oh well.  While we were there, he changed his mind about a BCD, so I got him the same one I got on sale and so he's got that now for the next 10 - 15 yrs as well (medium adult should be good for a while I hope).  Then when we got home, he went off to get laundry done so he could pack, and I made sure everything worked (flashlights, etc) but one blew up and so I had to rush back to the store in rush hour traffic before they closed to get a replacement...that's done though and now all the gear is in the truck ready for tomorrow.

I left at 6am to take Karma & Noc to the kennel - the front girls didn't know Noc was staying with them and I had a small panic attack as I was trying to figure out who could take Noc for a few weeks - but it all got sorted out and I was on my way to work by 6:45.  I got into work by 7am and was finished before 11am, which was great.  I got home, and Spence was ready to head out to the dive shop.  Once we finished with the unexpected shopping, we went to a sword store so he could buy himself a sword he had wanted for a while...then we came home.

Spence headed out with his dad for supper, I'm going to try and finish a few more chores and then complete some work I promised a client before I leave.  Very busy day, but we're almost ready to go.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Busy day today - getting organized for travel, mailing stuff off and once home got Spence to check out a going out of business sale for a winter jacket - no luck.  Then we got pizza and Spence headed off with James for a snowboard lesson at COP.

While they were out - I finished the interior ceiling of the entry way, got a bit of pizza in me and then watched tv for a while.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Starting on the final stretch before holidays.  Karma is off to daycare today, we're off to PE, Children's Hospital to donate the PS4, Bottle Depot to drop off our bottles, a friends home to drop off gingerale and crackers - they are all sick and then back home.....clean a bit, do more chores, go through our packing list and start packing all the sports equipment we'll be taking with us...figure since AC charges for each bag (no free bags), I might as well take what I want :)

Well off to load up the car with bottles and make my first stop of the day

Monday, December 09, 2013

Hunter is getting better - so all good.  Karma went for her annual checkup and shots today and I discovered she'd eaten her got new tags for her today as well.

Spence did his school work - essay, research, drums, printing and math and I dealt with Apple because my computer clock keeps going wonky.

I managed to use the spray foam on the areas with air leaks in front entry and then got ready to do some more work.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

So Hunter made it through the night - I stayed up with him and made sure he made it outside every 2 hours to relieve himself.  We all got up around 10am and after breakfast, I watched and waited but Hunter actually managed to keep his food down - yay.  He seems to be better today - drinking water and keeping food down, although still liquid poop.

Today for the rest of the day, we did chores, relaxed and watched movies.  Not a bad weekend after the bad start with Hunter getting really sick.