Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well I thought Kelly & Sam were coming over yesterday - not sure why - but we ended up using that time to do some more work on my part and chill on Spencer's part.

Spence ordered pizza for his dad, Tammy and the girls and then his dad picked him up and they got the pizza order and headed back to his place for a sleepover.

I went through my pantry and was watching the food channel and they had mac/cheese - which I cannot make for the life of me - but I figured the dogs wouldn't care - so I made a box of mac/cheese and added hot dogs for the dogs and veggie dogs for me and we had a very interesting supper - they really liked it and I still can't make the damn box dish - I followed all the instructions that James gave me and there is something I just don't do right.

I was going to tear out the ceiling but decided I didn't want to clean the mess again today - so I worked instead and then headed off to bed with the brood.

At 6am, they were all rested and decided it was time for a game of tag - at 6:30 - everyone got a spray from the spray bottle (Hunter of course was cuddled next to me and not participating - you could hear him snoring from a mile away).  Everyone settled in until 10am when Karma and Nocturne decided it was time to get up - they both came over, cuddled in then thwacked me over the head.  So belly rubs ensued and then we all got up to have our Saturday morning breakfast.

Today we all decided on pancakes and hotdogs for the three of them with a little bit of syrup and pancakes and coffee for me.  After breakfast, it'll be demolition time and then back to chores and work.

Monday the plumber comes in and finishes off that work and Wednesday the joist guys come in and I can finally close my entry (after I re-insulate of course because my south wall is super cold).

And this is what Noc was doing as we headed down for breakfast - trying to latch
onto the clothes hanger :) Managed to hang for about 30 seconds

Friday, November 22, 2013

Well today is Friday - and I've decided to tell Spence he is going to skip Volleyball one more week.  I want him well for Hawaii and he goes hard for the class and so since he still has a tickle and still is fatigued - executive decision made.

I figure the rest of school is low impact :)  We'll be doing math, spelling, reading, printing, drums, essay and a review of the English 30 stuff before Sam and Kelly come over for a visit and then Spence heads out with his dad for the night.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday & Tuesday Spence pretty much did the basics for school - math & essay and a bit of printing practice.  I kept him home on Tuesday from PE as he is still not 100% and I want him well for Hawaii.

He went off with his dad on both Monday and Tuesday nights and said he had a good time relaxing with his dad.

Yesterday, he did a bit more school - we added spelling back in and we pretty much chilled - no going out or rough housing for him yet.

Today we're adding drums back in and otherwise, also continuing to relax and hopefully he's getting better.

Still haven't decided if he's going to Volleyball yet on Friday - will see how he's doing Friday morning, but we should be back to 100% of school subjects by then.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We skipped the museum on Thursday because of the heavy lifting Spence does there and he's still not 100%, but managed drums and school work.  Friday we skipped volleyball but managed school.

Saturday and today are rest & relax days.