Saturday, October 19, 2013

Very relaxing weekend so far - the pets let me sleep in until nearly 10am and then we made pancakes for breakfast.

A few chores, some baking and lots of chilling are in our plans for both today and tomorrow.

Friday, October 18, 2013

So we ended up doing both drums and volunteer - nice to start getting back into a routine.  Spence drove from drum practice to his dads, did some quizzes while we had a break and once the boy was at his dads I got Karma and did some house chores while making supper.

I did a bit of work the rest of the night, and once home, Spence played with his buddies online.

Today is our regular Friday - I have conf calls until near 11am, Spence has school and then Volleyball and then he's off at his dads again for supper and I'm out with Kirsten for supper.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today is a busy day as we have both the Military Museum and we have drums - as far as I know.  The last few weeks have been up and down as either Spencer's boss has been away or drum teacher has been away or Spence has been sick.

I'm off to a client and then the vet for Nocturn's booster shots.  Tonight Spence is off with James again for supper and I'm chillin with the animals once I pick Karma up from daycare.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Had the HVAC guy come out today - I think this is going to be expensive.  The original duct move that I want isn't pricey, but the new furnace and hot water tank are and he suggested that I replace the furnace before the duct work otherwise I have to redo the duct work when I put in the new furnace - and the hot water tank was scheduled for this year, so I knew that was going to have to get done.  At the end though, I'll have a new hot water tank that won't die on me in the middle of winter and a furnace that works for this space.

In school news - Spence did his math, reading, printing and spelling then fessed up to only doing a page on his essay which is due in 2 I told him he better get at it as it has to be ready to be posted by the first week of he went to work on it before grama comes for their date.

Grama and Spence are off to see a movie and then kiddo is having dinner with James and his folks and probably Tammy and her girls - though not sure.  

In the meantime I'm off to a client meeting this afternoon and then to the bank to sign off on Spencer's RESP renewal and finally home with the pups to figure out what we'll have for supper....lots of left overs that still have to be eaten.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spence was both tired and still a bit sick - but well enough to do PE and then supper with grama & grampa.

Off to Smash Burger for a nice visit and dinner and then home to rest for me and play with his buddies online for Spence.
Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving at our place.  I picked Spence up around 1pm and when we got home it was get into jammies and relax time.

We watched anime on/off all day, ate throughout the day and did a few chores/played video games, etc as the day went on.

Off to bed at a reasonable time for Spence as today is PE - we're both still fighting a bit of something and this morning I was still really tired dropping Karma off at daycare.  Hopefully the rest of this cold leaves soon and in the meantime, other than PE we'll just take it easy today.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Got all the costume supplies yesterday (weapon stuff - still outstanding).  Couldn't find belt buckles, so ended up at Value Village and got what I needed at $2/each - figured that was as cheap as I was going to find.

Man - vinyl stinks!  I'm going to start on the cutting today - as there are a lot of straps for the costume.

Chores need to be done, Spence needs to be picked up and then we can chill.  We are planning a very relaxing Thanksgiving - wings, burgers, fries and whatever else is in the cupboards :) minimal clean up and we'll be clearing out the freezer a bit more.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Well the boys did their weekly raid on my kitchen, came down this morning to find dishes all over the place.  Picked up the boy and he is wiped - but of course as a teenager, you don't admit to that.  He's showered and took a 15 min cat nap and is eating lunch before heading off to Jonathan's for the night.

In the meantime, I'll do some more chores, head out to the fabric store for costume supplies and then do a bit of work.