Saturday, October 05, 2013

Busy day today - I have a potluck planned, so I have to tidy up and put out the dishes and see if I have enough cardboard to cat proof some of the holes I have in the walls :)

Spence is still at his dad's but should be back before lunch, so he can get ready and have a late lunch with grama.

Now off to do chores and see about how to better cat proof the house :)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Spence and Jacob decided on a sleepover last night mainly because they both wanted to play baseball today -although with it being -4 outside right now, if it doesn't warm up, it will be a cold game.

Today is school, volleyball and then off with James for the night.

I am working a bit, trying to figure out my HVAC change over and making some food for the potluck tomorrow night.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

We were planning on volunteer day and drums - but Spencer's boss was on vacation and his drum teacher up in Edmonton, so Spence just did regular school and then played video games until Jacob got home.

In the meantime, I headed in to a client's for a half day and then came home and headed over to Value Village to see if I could hunt down some pieces of Spencer's costume for next year's PAX and maybe if we're done with the modifications Ottafest in November.  I will have to return some items I got, but I scored the military jacket and required shirt :)

Plannin on Kinjo's for supper tonight as our weekly outing and picking Karma up from daycare.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I seem to be fighting something - sore throat every morning and a mild headache and achiness :(  other than that though, all has been good.

Tuesday is PE day and since Jonathan slept over - I let the boys sleep until the last minute and then Jonathan's dad came by to pick him up and we headed over to the gym.

Once done, we had lunch with the gang and then headed home.  In the meantime I had an anchor band fall out of my tooth and had to go in to get a new one - chewed right through the one that fell out.  Got Karma from daycare and then did some admin work as it was the 1st of the month.

Today is school, movie in the afternoon for Spence and a bit of work for me and I will continue to try and sooth the sore throat.

Monday, September 30, 2013

So the kitten never stops purring - makes for a hard to sleep night for Spence, he gave up at 5 am and dropped him off with me.

The dogs and kitten all got up with me and after breakfast, I took the pups for a walk and left the kitten to explore the scratching post/house we got him.

When I got back, got breakfast for Spence organized and after breakfast, we started school.  Math (new book today), spelling, drums, essay research (reading/taking notes) and some live streaming.

Tonight is a night out with James for Spence and the three of us will have to see what is in the freezer for supper - still trying to empty out the big freezer.

Spence got home around 8pm and Jonathan came over shortly after for a sleepover and I got to catch up with Donna over coffee for a bit before she left.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

We were going to do Pakrour, but neither Jacob or Spence wanted to go and so we decided to let it slide as neither of them had been in over 8 months and neither wanted to continue with the classes even with bribery.

Instead, Spence and I went kitten adopting - I had found some mouse droppings again (after several years without mice) and although Karma does a great job mousing outside, inside not so much - either it's because she's in my room when the mice are about or because she doesn't scent in the house, they don't fear the predator.  I looked at getting the poison service again, but Spence and I have been talking a bit about cats and he wanted one - everything I've read says cats are good for deterring if not getting rid of mice the old fashion way - so I thought if we find a cat we both like, we'll bring it home.

I wanted a female, Spence didn't care and Karma (who we brought along, to see if she'd eat the cat or be ok) loved all the cats.  We ended up with a male kitten and poor Karma had been trying to snuggle up and no cat liked that idea.

We brought the kitten home, Spence named it Nocturn (as in Nocturnal and we call him Noc) and then proceeded to bond with it the rest of the day.  Eventually, he was brave enough to wander a bit and as he likes warmth, slept for about 5 min between the two very warm dogs before he realized they were dogs :)

Karma is still trying to snuggle up, Hunter couldn't give a fig, Noc is trying to decide if all of this is ok, Spence has a cat he can snuggle and I have a mouser I hope :)  and a cat who will get along with the pups in time.    

A very cute addition to the family :)