Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spence got a great anime style haircut yesterday and we headed off to volleyball, I got winter tires put on b/c I noticed such a difference on James' truck.  Spence headed off early with his dad yesterday to spend some time with him first and then Tammy and her girls.

My g/fs went for dinner really late and I had a lot of work to do, so I opted for a quick coffee instead and when I got home at 8:30, Spence was already here.

We watched a bit of TV together, I worked a bit and then around midnight he headed over to Jacob's house for a sleepover with the guys - then was home at 2am for nibblies with the boys - Karma just about bit his head off - she didn't recognize him with helmet and skateboard stuff on.

I told him where food was then went back to blissful sleep.  I got up early for a Saturday for me as I am helping my g/f out with some recycling / dump stuff and then plan to make the eggplant burgers I started last night (base made, just need cooking now).

Today will be pretty relaxed - some chores for both of us, work for me and otherwise, we'll just chill.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Yesterday was the last Thursday before volunteering and drums starts up again - we took advantage by doing school and getting some chill time in before heading to Kinjo's for some much needed Japanese food :)

The rest of the night was relaxing and watching TV together.

Today is more of the same - math, spelling, reading, writing, drums and volleyball.  Spence has his haircut today too and then off with his dad for the evening - movie and dinner is the plan for the two boys.  I on the other hand am deciding between dinner out with some girlfriends or coffee out with some other girlfriends :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well it was busy - but for the wrong reasons today.

I had a 6am conference call, but my phone didn't work and after almost an hour, turns out none of our phones were working - all on Rogers and Rogers was down this morning and on top of that my hardware refused to work and froze .... so I ended up canceling my client meeting today, so I could get my phone operating again.

Went over to Apple and got the phone fixed and once it was fixed and Rogers was up and running, the rest of the day went fast.

Spence did school - first real school day since PAX, then we went to the dentist so he could get a filling and then the engineers came to look at the structural issue in my entry way - I just finished it too - had to demolish the ceiling and was told I'd probably have to leave it open until everyone looked at it tonight :(

Then Joanne and Jacob came by for a visit, James came early to grab Spence for dinner and a movie, I headed out to the condo board meeting (where I found out I'd have to wait for both the insurance company and legal guys to have their folks look at the issue).....oh well, the rest of the place is down to it's bones, so I guess I can live with the entry way being hacked up for a bit.

The engineers at least gave me two options to permanently fix the issue - so now it's just waiting to see who will pay - condo board or insurance.

Now I hope to get a bit of work done before slumping into bed for the night.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spence was feeling better today and so was I.  Ortho appt in the early AM, then home to get Spence up and ready for PE/Bailey time.  PE / Bailey time and then home to get Karma from daycare.  We decided on an appie night - so wings, nachos, caprese salad with fresh tomatoes from Sherri's garden - all good.

I managed to finish demolishing the bulkhead and most of the column with Spencer's help and after cleaning up, moved the furniture back in place so we could watch some TV at nights.

Now it's a bit of work time and then off to bed early as I am off at a client meeting first thing.
Dave headed off to BC early this morning, so he could make Kelowna by the time the gas station opened where he had some repair work to do.  I got up and took Karma off to daycare and decided I felt well enough to have breakfast and coffee.

Today is PE day, so I'll be getting Spence up for that and then hopefully we'll both be feeling better.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Well our routine didn't quite go as planned - Spence was still not feeling great and I sent him back to bed; by the afternoon I felt like I'd been hit by a bus and my eyes were sore and itchy and I had a runny nose, so I put myself on couch rest while I worked a bit.

Dave finally conquered his repair job on his vehicle and helped me with putting up my new tire rack on the wall.
So when Spence got up yesterday, he was sniffly and said he wasn't hungry (ug, sign of a cold).  When he finally got hungry, he had his usual soup.

Dave and I went hunting for a wall mounted tire rack and I cleaned out the garage enough for me to put my truck back in and Dave went to change something on his truck so he could drive safely and discovered too late that he was missing a tool.

Today is heading off to Apple to see about replacing the fried power cord, mounting the tire rack and Dave leaving once he has the right tool for his truck repair.

Spence and I are getting back into our routine with him doing school - unless he's really sick today and me catching up on client work.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yesterday and today are final demo days while Dave is here.  We created the hole for the living room ceiling fan and he's wired it up.  I've made progress removing the bulkhead drywall in the livingroom leaving only the frame in as many places as possible.  Next steps will be to replace existing steel ducting with flexible materials and reroute the HVAC in this area.

Dave is leaving today for the coast and I'll continue slowly pulling apart walls, etc and getting ready to instal the new fireplace sometime before spring.

Spence has taken his clothing and suitcase from his holidays to his room and I've finished doing my laundry, so today I hope to get a few more things put away and have Spence put his clean laundry away.

Tomorrow is the start of school & work for both Spence and I - so we're trying to make sure we finish up all our chores before then.