Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yesterday was the last day of camp and I think the boys did less flying than chatting :)  I got a call at 3:30 asking if the boys could meet up with Jonathan for supper at Edo in I headed off to Cochrane because Spence and Jacob both forgot their wallets.

While they ate, I read my book and drank a great smoothie from Jugo Juice and then we headed home.  I dropped off both boys at Jacob's and Spence walked home from there, while I picked Karma up from daycare.

Once home, we chilled for the rest of the night.

Today is more of the same....lots of chillin for Spence and I'm doing chores and work for a bit and then heading out with Kirsten for a Latin Music festival downtown for a few hours.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jacob was sick today, so I took Spence to his flying camp on his own.  They did a bit of actual flying today and then decided to play soccer as no one wanted to use the kite to fly.

In the meantime, I worked a bit from home and did a few chores before it was time to grab him and then head out for my slo-pitch game.

We had an early game and played a team called the Bad News Beers - they were a hoot to play with and even though I don't like team sports it was a decent night.  I got home by 9pm and decided I needed more than the half cup of corn chowder I had for veggie chicken nuggets for a snack and now a bit more work before heading off to bed.

Spence is off at his dad's tonight and I'll pick him up tomorrow for his camp.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spence and Jacob had their first fly camp day today - Joanne and I both dropped the boys off so we could do the final waivers and let them go have fun.  They did some classroom time and then spent the rest of the day practicing starting / stopping (taking off / landing) their flying machines.

Today was hang gliding and para gliding and they both seem to have fun.  I got a call from Spence around 4:30 - Joanne is picking up the boys and I'm dropping them off....asking if we could do our dinner out this week with Jacob at a local pizza place and then get ice cream for dessert.  I met them at the pizza place, which was next to Lazy Loaf and after popping in to get a loaf of bread, I met up with the gang.

We ordered a dish each and after we ate, we went next door to the ice cream shop and Spence and Jacob each had a milkshake.  Spence then went home with Joanne & Jacob and I took our left overs and got Karma from daycare.

When I got home, I walked the dogs and by the time I got home, Spence was heading out to go to Jacobs for a few hours.  I fed the dogs and by then it was time to meet up with the board members of our complex to pick roof colours.  Well as it has taken me years to figure out a colour scheme and the past 8 months to pick actual colours, I am not the best person for the job.  There are also much more opinionated folks on the board and it really doesn't matter to me in the end.

The board met for three hours - still no colour choice, but we did decide to pick a colour by next week.  When I got home, Spence and I snacked and watched our new show Spy on Hulu and then Spence headed off to bed as he was a tired puppy.

I'm going to get his lunch organized for tomorrow and then head off myself.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy day with school - math, reading, printing, picking a new topic for the next essay, trying to work on putting in contacts for PAX, working on the wig and deciding it's a no go and drums.

After school there was some relax time before we turned Hulu on for lunch and watched a new show called Quick Draw which fits our humor and means it won't be on long.

Now Spence is back to chilling with his buddies and I'm going to try and do some work - not motivated today, but have some deadlines looming.

Tonight is Karma's last puppy class - she is doing so well that we're even working on some off leash walking in calm areas.  Our next class will be this fall after I come back - we'll sign up for the agility class, like Super Dogs - I think she'll enjoy it and it'll help keep us both working together as a team.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to school.....math, spelling, reading and costume work.  Spence chilled, I did some work and then headed off for groceries and to pick up my new to me juicer.

Got home and made nachos for Spence and me (last can of skyline for Spence) and the pups had their left overs.  Once supper was done, it was time to try some home made OJ - yummy.

We had fruit shakes for dessert and I cleaned up my juicer - it's not as fancy and doesn't have all the options I would like but for the $30 I spent on the unit, I'm pretty happy with what it has.  The rest of the evening will be chillaxing for both Spence and I

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spence has another chill day, while I am mainly working on finishing the entry hall today.

Spence is going out with his grandparents, Tammy and her girls and dad for another BD dinner tonight at a local restaurant and I hopefully will have finished painting and be putting the entry way back together.