Friday, August 02, 2013

Spence got dropped off at 9:30 and by then Karma had been dropped off at daycare and I had done a few chores.

Spence and I did some school - math, reading, printing, spelling, drums, costume work, some art, cleaning up a bit, etc.

I headed off to the bank to pickup my cash euro's for Spain and then once home continued with chores.  My migraine is still hanging about and I've got stuffed sinus' today, so I'm thinking I've got a cold or something coming on.

I managed to paint the shelving unit, some more veneer buckled - but I need a break from working on them, so I'm going to leave it for now.  I watched a mouse sit on my cilantro plant and eat the cilantro leaves (didn't know they liked them).  Spence and I decided on Indian for dinner and so I pulled out a bunch of stuff from the freezer and added some tikka masala sauce for his chicken - feast tonight :)

We'll be having chicken tikka masala, daal maakini, mushroom mattar, lacha, naan, papudam and rice.  So glad I had all those in the freezer.

I also tried making cashew milk today as a treat - easy, quick and delish.  I won't make it all the time cause of the cost, but it is creamy and better tasting than the store bought stuff.  I used honey to sweeten it but later read you can use dates for a really nice flavor - will try that next time.

Well, it's almost time to get Karma and take another headache pill and then do some paid work this evening as Spence catches up playing WoW tonight.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

It was a good day for Spence - he finished school, cleaned up his basement and brought laundry down to be done before his dad picked him up for his next sleepover James' place tonight.

I had been having a migraine all day and finally it had subsided, so I went to slo-pitch - but after less than an hour, it was back and so I left to go home and try and get rid of it again.
I picked up kiddo from Calloway at closing (near 4pm) and took him with me to get Karma and get refried beans for last night.  He told me he had a great time with the kids and was ready to eat whenever I could make supper - oh and he promised to meet up with Jacob, so could I please hurry up :)

We got home by 5pm and he and Jacob got together while I made supper.  We ate, Jacob went home for a bit and then the boys got together again - they needed magic cards and a gift for Bailey's upcoming birthday and so we all toddled off.  There was a timmy's close to the shop and so I got each puppy a timbit (Karma gets them after class and loves them, Hunter really likes donuts) and I got one for myself.  The boys said they weren't interested.

We got home and the boys disappeared into the basement, telling me they were having a sleepover.  Karma, Hunter and I did some training with the timbits and then I worked on my shelf for a bit before getting back to doing a bit of paid work.

Today should be a good day - once Spence and Jacob get up, we'll do school and then Spence will head off with his dad while I go play slo-pitch.  Now if only this headache would go away.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday we had gotten back into it - sorta - we did easy school - math q, spelling q, printing, reading and rest.  Spence had done a sleepover at Jacob's the night before and he was still pretty worn out.

He headed off for supper with his dad and I headed off for doggie class with Karma.  She ended up getting overly stressed, so I learned what those signs were and we took several breaks to let her de-stress during class.  It was really interesting.

Once we came home, both Spence and I relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Today is a day off for Spence as he's off with his girlfriend and a bunch of other teens to Calloway Park for the day.  Karma is off to daycare, Hunter is napping like usual and I went to work first thing and now plan to work from home until it's time to pick up Spence and Karma.

Tonight it's Taco Wednesday :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well we did have some excitement this evening - Karma, being Karma, decided to scarf down a cheesecloth while I was putting away the yogurt .... so off to the emergency vet we went, after I researched how bad could this possibly be.  They made her vomit and out it came thank goodness.  If it hadn't they would have to do surgery - ick.

She's good now, resting and trying to figure out why she's hungry :)
Won't be an exciting Monday as all we have on the go is figuring out our school week, seeing when Spence is meeting up with Bailey, doing school and then chilling for Spence and chores/work for me.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

No plans for today - just some relaxation time, planning for next week and some overdue chores.