Saturday, July 27, 2013

It was a relaxing day at our place.  Jacob slept over and was up and out by 11am.

I got up at 9am, mainly because Karma wanted to go to the bathroom.  I made crepes and coffee for breakfast.  The pups and I relaxed and waited until kiddo got up and then I made him some soup.

I decided it was nap time and the pups and I went off to nap.  We got up and got organized for this evenings activities.

Spence and I headed out to get Edo for him and then I headed out to the Veggie Dine Out dinner with Risa.

Risa and I had a wonderful time eating way more than we should with some great folks - I'm so glad we found this group of vegetarians to go eat out with - no worries with sharing dinner options :)

Now it's time to do a bit of work and watch some TV while Spence plays with some of his friends.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Turns out I would be a horrific coach and I'm a great cheer leader for Spencer's team.

I grabbed Kelly and Sam to keep me company on the road and we stopped at the new Symon's Valley Farmer's Market (now open year round) to check out the fixings and have a bite.

The market is great, we managed to find lots of great things - including 100 wings for $30 at the organic chicken place - yay me!

We headed off to Three Hills after that and made it to the camp just before the start of the tournament.  The kids had been playing since 8am and so they were already starting to wear out - but they played until 4pm (well our team did)....4 teams made the playoffs and Spencer's team got bronze.

Kelly, Sam and I cheered (well Kelly and I did) loudly and we jumped up and down when Spence got the 2nd to last point and then assisted on the last scoring point - they won 27 - 25 and they were exhausted.

We stopped at Mac's on the way out of town and made it home by 6pm.  We dropped off Kelly & Sam and then came home to where Karma and Hunter had chilled all day (and the house was still in one piece).

We made some veggie kung pow chicken with rice, wings with fries and gravy and I made salad for myself and some drinks from the garage.  Good supper.

Spence had a great time (he never even called when he threw up all day yesterday) and learned a lot about the game and how to play better.  Overall a very positive experience - which is very different from the last camp he was at.  Glad he enjoyed it.

Tonight is relax time for Spence and I have to see what's on my reno / mask making / work / chores plate.

Today is a busy day with going off to Three Hills to get Spence and watch his game, then coming home to have supper and do some work and renovations.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last day at home alone with the dogs.  Camp is over tomorrow and I'll be going to watch his team play against another team and then bring him home.

Today is another busy day - work, chores, renos, etc.  Got all my baking therapy out of the way last night - cinnamon buns, bread and a veggie loaf for supper tonight.

I have my softball game tonight, other than that nothing much.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today I am off to get Risa's new car with her - very exciting :)  Other than that, chores, work, renos, etc.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tis a busy day - lunch with James, work, tofu truck, orthodontist, chores, renos and dog training class.  Spence is still at camp with his team mates and hopefully enjoying it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Well today was camp day and so Spence got to sleep in until 10am and then got up and got ready to go.  We left at 11am per plan and arrived at 12:30.  We had planned to stop along the way to grab a bite, but in the 150km to Three Hills, there was a distinct lack of fast food joints - so we stopped at IGA and got sandwich fixings and made food for ourselves.

After we ate, we arrived at registration about 1pm and once registered, I helped Spence take his stuff to his dorm room.  It was old, smelly and really not very homey - but it'll do for a week.  Not sure if he has a roomie as the other bunk didn't have a mattress.

Once he was all checked in and back at registration for pictures and orientation, I headed home as Karma was in her kennel after her pack walk this morning.

I got home and did a bit of work, walked the dogs, took a break for supper, updated my budget and now back to work for a bit.

Hoping camp goes better this time - it looked well organized and had a much better vibe than the last place.  Hope he enjoys it.

posing - even though he didn't want to - in his new camp shirt

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yesterday was definitely relaxing...although I seem to have picked up a Home Depot habit that I must break eventually....when they know you by name, walking into the store, you know you visit it too often.

I did get my veneer (opted for birch) and bought a too small bottle of contact cement (so went back today to get a bigger one)....applied some veneer to the shelving unit and love it.  painted my walls various samples of paint I picked up - trying to decide on paint colour - not fond of the white/pink I had to end up with in order to match my current colour, so changing it to something else...although not sure what yet.

I continued working on Spencer's mask, did some chores, worked and helped Risa buy her first car ever.  She didn't overpay and that was the goal of the trip.

Spence and I toddled over to Mac's after supper, which was Vietnamese Subs and then settled in for the night.

Today is another relax, chores, veneer, mask, work day for me.  Spence has to pack for camp and chill with his buddies.  Should be a good end to the weekend.