Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday went better, Spence was back to normal by Friday afternoon.  We did math quiz, spelling and reading and then Spence got ready to head out to his dads later in the day.  While he waited he played online with his friends and then took off just after lunch.

The pups and I headed out for a quick walk around three and other than that, I did chores, worked a bit and painted my shelves...turns out I don't like the wood grain and so I need to fix that.

Around supper time, Risa came over so we could go Costco shopping and we got out of there with about $100 each spent - which is awesome.  I managed to find the champaign grapes that Spence loves and got those for him and a big box of raspberries for $2!

This morning it's back to Home Depot to get the wood stuff I need to finish the shelving unit and then home until Risa comes so we can go mini-van shopping.

Tonight for supper Spence and I will be doing Vietnamese Sub Buns - we're both looking forward to this and a relaxing night at home.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

2am and Spence woke me up saying he was throwing up.  I got him some gravol and sent him back to bed....well that didn't work as well as I had hoped and he continued to nearly 5am.  Both of us were exhausted by then and I decided he wouldn't be going to work today.  I had to get up to take Karma to the daycare and I have an orthodontist appt this morning and then I think I'm crawling back into bed for a bit too.  I was not feeling great last night - so I am hoping with a bit more sleep, I'll feel better and when Spence get's up he'll be feeling right as rain.

Well, no right as rain here .... he is feeling a bit better, but still nauseous.  He is holding down bread, rice and some other pretty bland food.  We tried baked chicken and we'll see how that holds.  He's not doing great and so I'm keeping him home tonight and hoping he's good for tomorrow's night out with James.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another regular school day - after breakfast and Brotherband, we did math, spelling, printing, reading, drums, worked on the masks and then Spence did his chores - laundry, dishes, shower, etc.

Once we were done, he chilled with his friends and I did some work.  Tonight Spence is off with his dad for dinner and maybe a movie and I'm off to a condo board meeting about our roof.


Spence got up and we did a regular school day - one week of school, then back to camp for a week.

We started off by reading the Brotherband series, then Spence re-read his math because it's been so long since he's done the work, now he feels he can do the questions today.  Spelling, silent reading, drums and we both worked on the masks.

Spence then chilled until James came to grab him for supper.

I did some work, caught up on some house chores, got groceries, ran errands and after I ate a quick supper headed off with Karma for her doggie class.  She did well again, but I think she now knows the dogs and so they don't bug her....but she is doing well at the parks too - except for yesterday when all she wanted to do was eat everyone - but I think that's because our neighbour left their puppy alone all day and all it did was squeak all day as it pined for it's owners....after a while it grates on you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dave decided to stay until Monday early evening to finish helping me with some renos - the numbers are not up yet, but they are ready to be put up when he comes back in 3 weeks.

In the meantime, we built the front entry shelving unit and installed it - now I have to cover it with drywall and I have to paint and put in the sliders .... so lots of work still.  I helped with the shelf - Dave would demonstrate a cut and then I would do some - my first real woodworking project and you can put a 200 lb person on the shelf and it holds - so pretty happy about that.

I also got three garage heaters for the winter and put two up right away so they were done and boy do they heat.  Rona was clearing them out for just over $100 each and they are like the restaurant radiant heaters - so instantly warm and boy do you feel the difference.

After we were done, I headed out for supper with Steph at Earl's and we had a great time catching up - too short though as I knew I had to leave to say by to Dave before he left.

Dave was packed and ready to go, but his phone died while he was packing and so I drove him to the closest FIDO store and it took us over an hour, but they did replace his phone so he could drive back to BC with a mobile device that actually worked.

Spence on the other hand had his own adventures yesterday.  He had slept over at Jacob's the night before and came running in like the wind at around noon and once he had gone to the bathroom, he looked at me and I told him he was going off to bed.  He slept for a good two - three hours and then got up and had food and then more food and then more food and was still hungry :)  He helped with the demolition and then went to chat with his buddies.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dave and I got up early enough to have crepes for breakfast and then head off to Home Depot, Rona and Ikea to do some window shopping and get a few bits for the drill.  We had a great time testing out furniture at Ikea and got the storage boxes I wanted and the hat boxes for the two masks we're making and Spence is taking to PAX.

We got home and after another meal, Spence said he was going to head over to meet Jacob at Macs.  Jacob didn't show (was doing chores) so they decided on a later time.  Joanne invited us to dinner at Silver Springs, but Dave and I wanted to finish some projects and the boys didn't want to go - so I got them to order dinner from Kinjo's and we did pickup and I dropped them off at Joanne's for their game night / sleep over and Dave and I each had pasta on the deck before heading in to work on our projects.

I worked on the storm door (and actually finished it today) and then Spencer's mask - new method (thanks to Dave, I think this one will finally work) and then with Dave I learned how to do proper cuts for my shelving project.  Dave made me a template and helped me demolish the current stair area.

Dave continued to work on my house numbers - they are all finished now (polished, etc) and just need the LED attached and mounted to the wall (yay).

Some pictures of the shelving project progress.

Storm door finally all installed and working like it is supposed to

The stair thing that was being removed so I could put in
some shelving units

Having some fun cutting away the extra nails - lots of sparks

The end product - a big hole :) shelving unit goes in that
space tomorrow

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spence slept over at James' last night and so this morning I got up and after walking the dogs and having breakfast, I headed over to Risa's house to help with some more light fixture issues....well we decided to go car shopping instead and had a terrific time.

I came home around lunch and Spence was already home - we started working on another round of masks.  I left for MEC and met up with Kirsten to shop for a few items for Spain - we have a list we're working on.  We got a few things and then headed off for supper at our current favorite Indian place.  

We didn't order a ton, but were still over full.  We went back to her place to try out the protein bars we bought to try out for the trip.  We found two we liked and so we'll order 12 and take them along on our trip as snacks.

I headed home and Spence had eaten his pizza and was chilling.  Dave arrived shortly afterwards and we headed out to the deck with coffee and chilled under the patio heater for an hour or so.  We went back in after our coffee was done and continued to catch up until it was time for bed.