Friday, July 12, 2013


Well we decided today would be an art day - once Spence was up we worked on a new mask for Rasmus (didn't like the current one), Spencer's mask and Spencer's vest.

The second mask is really coming along
Plaster cast for mask
Spencer's clay mask
Step 1: roll out the clay as if it was dough

Step 2: when it is really thin (like a thin crust pizza), then it's ready for the overlay

Step 3: overlay clay onto plastic full face mask

Step 4: wrap clay around the mask, tucking clay underneath to hold it onto the plastic

Step 5: work with your fingers to shape the mask

Step 6: don't take picture the wrong way up :)  this is the wet mask.  Needs
to dry and then we'll paint

 The vest we worked on
This is the vest we worked on for about 4 hours - we have velcro on the
side to hold it together.  I'll have Spence model it with the whole outfit once
the mask is finished 

Around 4pm, James came and took Spence - Spence is sleeping over tonight.  I was planning on heading out to Risa's but am so tired again....I think I might be fighting something, so I plan to eat and then go watch a movie and fall asleep by 9pm.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


It was volunteer day and I dropped Spence off just after 9am.....Walter (his boss) wasn't there because he was helping in High River and so Spence got to hang out at the Stampede Breakfast instead.

I headed into the office and after 2 hours got the call to come pick Spence up - he was done sitting around.  We headed home and worked on the costume stuff, figured out what we were missing and off I went to grab it all, while he chilled.

I got back and decided to continue working on the storm door - it is now hung and the latch is on, however, there is nothing for it to latch into.  When I was done that, the pipe fitter came and did his work on the gas outlet uncapping and once he was done, I had both BBQ and Patio Heater set up to be used at the same time - yay.

I got Karma and walked the dogs and after supper headed out for my first ever slo pitch practice.  I was back catcher and even though I did almost nothing - I am wiped....maybe I'll head to bed early.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I had a great morning coffee with grama and then afterwards did some chores.  I packed up just after lunch and headed to Cochrane to grab Spence.

Spence and I left and stopped at Burger King for a quick lunch for him before we went downtown for his appt with his doc.

Once the appt was done, we went to Chinatown for snacks and to check out costumes...came away with snacks, no costume.

I was going to do some mask work for PAX, but decided since it was supposed to rain tomorrow, I'd put the storm door up.  Well.....the instructions suck, but most of the door is up.  I have the latch to put on and then it should be done (that can be done in the rain or Dave can help if I can't figure it out).

Spence headed off for dinner with grama, grampa, James, Jeff & Theresa at the Keg and I headed off to a board meeting about our roof.  Now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


It was a busy day - Spence slept over at James' with Jonathan and they all went off to Stampede today.  They said they had a great time when I picked them up and they joked all the way to Jonathan's.... the boys decided they wanted another sleepover and so Donna offered to have them tonight.

I dropped Karms off at daycare, went to a stampede breakfast with co-workers at the office and worked until I got the boys from Stampede.

Once home, the dogs and I had supper and then Karma and I went to class.  I was skeptical - but the work Karma and I have been doing as a team really paid off tonight.  This week she also had the opportunity to run and didn't :)  yay!

On the way home with Karms, we stopped for groceries and now it's time to read the storm door installation manual.  I also tested my patio heater and it works like a damn - yay - $50 and I have a natural gas patio heater that is 8' tall and keeps me toasty warm :)

Monday, July 08, 2013

Front Entry - Before & After pics

From 2008 - original lino, door, windows and closet at front entry

2013 - closet gone, new floors, doors, windows and lighting

2013 - brand new door 3/4 panel light instead of tiny inset

Another chillaxing day for Spence.  Dave is fighting his cold and some old back problems cropped up so he spent most of the day out on a flat surface trying to wait for back muscle relaxants to kick in and he worked on my numbers.

I did some chores, worked a bit, painted my door and headed over to Risa's to help her with her lights - her pot lights are the most stupid pot lights ever - neither one of us can get the darned lights out of the pot parts without breaking the light.

Today we start back to our regular school stuff, work, etc.  Spence is having Jonathan over for a sleep over as they will be going Stampeding with James on Tuesday early in the morning.