Saturday, July 06, 2013


Today we had a good sleep in - all of us.  Crepes for breakfast and a very relaxed walk with the dogs.

Dave and I both seem to be struggling with a cold - but otherwise good.  Spence has been chillin all day.  Dave and I ran some errands and then I made some supper....tonight we made Chinese and ordered a chicken dish from next door - yummy dinner.


Yesterday was our last light day of school - we worked on Rasmus' mask for PAX - not sure it is what we were looking for (we tried a new material).  We'll have to see how it dries over the next day or two.

I ran a few errands, did some chores, worked on building a mock up of my new shelves then worked on how to fix what I didn't like about it.

Dave took the day off and at lunch he and I went off to his first BBQ Stampede lunch and I won a picture :) (probably should have bought a lotto ticket as I never win anything).

For supper we decided on Mitalini's pizza and I made pasta for myself.  I then headed over to Risa's after supper to help her with a bunch of stuff.  Took her to Rona for a shopping trip and then had her take down and install her first light :) yay - she and the boys love the light she put up.  I helped a bit when we discovered the heads on the screws didn't fit through the holes to hold up the fixture, but otherwise it was easy.  I got some popcorn ceiling stuff in my eye and damn that hurts like a dickens.

Today is another errands/chores/work/reno day for us and Spence will be chillin playing video games and hanging out with friends.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Today was another summer school day - math, reading, printing and drums.  He went off to Jacob's place in the afternoon and then off with his dad to Smash Burger and then they watched Game of Thrones.

I did a bit of work, then worked on the garage and did some chores...somehow the day got away from me.

Dave was off in Red Deer doing service calls and is heading home tonight and other than that - we have no real plans.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Last window of the year

Had a better day today - Spence got up and was feeling a lot better....still a bit of a cold, but not like the past few days.

Once up, he did math, printing and drums - we decided to continue summer style school for one more week as he would have been off at camp anyhow.  He then decided to see how rollerblading would go and he felt ok - so he went at it for a good 20 minutes.  Jacob and Spence met up and got slurppees and then hung out for a bit, once Spence got home he got ready to head out with James for supper and a movie.

In the meantime, Karma was in daycare because the last window was going to be installed today....8 am, 9 am, 10 am - no one has showed up and no one has called.  When you call the office, it says it's still closed from the flood and the customer service lines are busy and you can't get through.  Finally at 10:30 the guys called saying they were running late and would be there by 11:30.  They arrived by noon and were done by 4 - the new window looks great and the amount of light in here now is amazing.  I popped by a neighbours place to see her new fireplace and couldn't believe how much darker her place was even with an open kitchen (she has no wall between her dining area and kitchen).

Once the guys were gone, I finished working on clearing out part of the garage (got about a 1/4 of it done today) and worked on supper - pizza and cinni buns for snack time.

Grampa came by in the meantime to grab Spencer's keys and then Dave and I had pizza and caught up on what we both needed to get done tonight - I still have a list of chores a mile long for him to help me with :)  poor guy - I think my room/board rent is higher than what he pays back home :)  No down time at my place :)

Now time to let my feet rest a bit - get some studying done and a bit of work and then off to bed early as I am wiped.

Long Weekend

Well it was a scorcher yesterday and Spence still wasn't well...the heat not helping.  He stayed in the basement with the fan running and chilled with lots of fluids and cold meds.

I took the opportunity to do a bunch of errands, run to my clients for a meeting and do some more reno work.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Long Weekend

Spoke too soon - got a call in the afternoon and went off to grab Spence and Jacob (both sick).  Oh well....guess once he's feeling better (hopefully today) we'll start school again.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Long Weekend

Today, it's chores and errands and relaxing on the patio time for me....haven't heard a peep from Spence, so assuming all is well at camp :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

So far a very relaxing long weekend.  Saturday we did our cooking class (Glory of India) - it was more of a demonstration and lunch though - nothing that either of us would do again I think.

In the evening, I went off for a dinner with some friends - dinner was really good and we all overate.  One of the girls was the sister of the restaurant owner and so we got the royal treatment.  Spence in the meantime got Edo to go and enjoyed the evening with his buddies.

Once we got home, we finished packing for the coming week as Spence is off to camp (Hunter's Camp) with Jacob.

Today, we got ready and headed out after a very late breakfast and Joanne and left the boys at cabin 3 for their week of bonding over rifles.  Tonight I have the windows and doors open and am very comfortable with the breeze going through the house.