Friday, June 28, 2013

Yesterday Spence was sick, so I ran errands and did some chores.  Today was the last soccer day, but Spence still wasn't up to snuff, so we stayed home and chilled.

I finished taking apart the area where the new closet is going and did a few more errands before working on supper - nachos - Spence wanted nachos - so I figure he's feeling better.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Almost done our easy summer school.....after camp next week, we get back into regular school routine. Today Spence finished his essay, did math and figured out it was something he has done before so whizzed through it, spelling, printing, drum practice and reading.

He also managed to get me to take him to Edo for a take out lunch and is now chilling with his friends until it's time to head out with his dad for supper.

I have a condo board meeting tonight, so unfortunately I'm going to miss my mom's coffee night.

YouTube Essay

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teenage moodiness hit us today.....I decided that driving for over an hour would not be worth it for the last PE class....Spence was unappreciative this decision.

Once he was fed and at least not as moody as when he woke up - he did school - math, spelling, printing, drums today.  Then it was sulking time in the basement with his buddies.

By the late afternoon, he was in a good mood.  I made supper - nachos and cupcakes for tomorrow's condo board meeting and then headed off to Karma's first training session.  Hoping it works to help relax her - we are starting at square 1 again.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sorta back to normal.

I went grocery shopping while Karma went for her pack walk and then it was time to do school - we read our book, did spelling, reading, printing, math and drum practice.

Spence then went off to chill with his buddies, while I worked on lasagna.  Tonight James and Spence are having supper together and I'm going to do some chores and a bit of work.
Sunday was a chores day and chill day - not much happened.

Today as the core is still closed along with some roads, we plan to chill at home, do some school and some renos and that'll be about it.