Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Flood - Bow River (Bowness)

Very good day today - things are getting better with the flood (people are getting back into their homes, etc), although my office is closed and looks as if it may stay closed for at least half the week.

Spence and Jonathan came home around 11am today and went directly downstairs to chill.  Dave and I had brunch and then started on chores before we had to leave for the hospital to visit my mom.  Mom is doing well overall, so just waiting to hear what they want to do next.

Gotta say, I am not very impressed with the staff this time round.  They can never tell me which room mum is in (they keep moving her) their response is always, we don't have a Victoria Hartman here, then someone will find her.  The nurses have been rude and the new cardiologist is a real asshat.  I don't think they read the charts at all.  They had multiple people listed as mum's next of kin - none of them actually were and have no idea who the people they had on her file were in fact.  They didn't read her file saying to keep her on meds and no exploratory surgery and they had no idea she was an incompetent adult - although all those things should have been on her file.  I think I will be making a complaint once she is transfered about our experience - Fl 10 v Fl 8 - what a difference.

Well back to work for both Dave and me and Spence will be chilling for the rest of the night now that supper is over - had hot dogs, wings and homemade twinkies :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well, Calgary has been hit by a flood - apparently the last time it was hit anywhere close to this bad was in the 1920's....and even then it wasn't considered this devastating.

So we went to the museum on Thursday morning and to work and then drum lessons...then we watched the flood happen.  The three of us (Dave, Spence and I) watched the news reports online.

This morning we got up and continued to watch and took pictures of the bow rising - which rose a few feet in the 10 minutes we took pictures.

We had brought Jonathan over for a sleepover / evacuation and the boys had slept until just about noon (we didn't get home till nearly 2am, and by the time we settled it was nearly 3am).

Tonight the boys are over with James and Dave and I are working a bit on the house (I did some more plastering on the entry wall by the door and some more on the new window wall and Dave is still working on the new numbers and a new box for his truck).

Tomorrow we'll be off to run a few errands and visit our mom at the hospital.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spence did his math, reading, writing, drums, essay and then relax time.  I was off at clients for part of the day, visited my mom in the hospital and then came home.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday and Tuesday have flown by and virtually nothing has been achieved.  Spence is a bit under the weather, but we did both school and PE - he wasn't that under the weather and went off to his dad's for supper last night and tonight he's chilling with his buddies.