Saturday, June 08, 2013

I slept in and after breakfast got organized to paint....but first went off to see how my mom was doing - they had tried to remove her off life support, but she still wasn't breathing on her own, so she went back on - but only partially (her heart was pumping on its own).  They will try again tomorrow.

I got home and did the first coat and boy is the colour too dark .... so tomorrow I'll do the 2nd coat, but it'll be a lot lighter.

I then took Spence to Smashburger and once home, showered and got ready to head out for my girls dinner out.  Annabelle, Risa and I went to Rajdoot and ended up spending nearly 4 hours chatting away.  I brought home butter chicken and garlic naan for Spence and over ate as usual.

Now it's time to get a bit of work done, before I head up to bed.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Busy day today - soccer, math, spelling, reading, writing, essay, reading together, drums and of course chilling afterwards.

I managed to finish priming the walls - ready for paint tomorrow.  I waited till James came to get Spence for their evening together and then popped into the hospital - no change, we'll see how she does tomorrow when they have thawed her out...the thawing starts tonight and she should be warm by morning and they will be able to see how she is doing.

Well no one can say 2013 is boring :)

I got Spence up for his volunteer work yesterday and during breakfast we did his math and spelling quizzes.  Then it was off to volunteer.

While he was volunteering, I went off to visit a client and then had lunch with an old friend and we talked about work :)  We had lunch in Chinatown which was great.

I picked Spence up and dropped him off at home and headed off to see Ed to change my will, etc - $500 later (man it's expensive to just change a name on each document), oh well, it is done now and hopefully I won't have any more changes anytime soon.

Ed was late and so I was late coming home to grab Spence for his drum lesson.  We did drums, picked Karma up from daycare and then I was getting ready to do a second coat of prime on some areas when I got a call from the lodge.

RCMP had been over to say that Victoria (my mom) had been found with no pulse on the floor of Sobey's.  So how she got out without the lodge knowing .... I'm not sure.  She did though and she had a full cart at the store.  Some random customer started CPR on her and they called 911.  The emergency guys gave her 2 shocks to start her heart and she had a heart attack due to the shock paddles - so they resarted her heart and brought her to the hospital.  The hospital did all they could and then transferred her by STARS to the Foothills.  This is the 2nd time she's gotten a ride in STARS.

At the hospital, they started to cool her body to near zero to allow it to rest.  They wanted to limit any potential brain damage - I explained she was severely brain damaged already and that changed the game plan.  Now it was cooling her to give her heart the ability to start again on its own and for her to start breathing again.  She had stopped breathing at Sobey's and never started again - they don't know why but now they are saying it probably wasn't a heart attack like they first thought but something maybe shorted out in her brain.  They want the cardiologists to do their thing before the brain guys do their thing ..... so she is on ice now (as of about 9:30pm on Thursday) and they will start thawing her out on Friday night (tonight) and by Saturday morning they should be able to give us options.

Hoping they'll have the brain guy in to determine if there is any brain activity at all at this point, but so far they are only concerned about baseline body functions and getting them going.

Interesting and eventful year so far...hoping for the best and hoping that the rest of 2013 is not as eventful.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Uneventful day today - school (reading, writing, math, spelling, drums, our book and history) and then I worked a bit and did the priming on the front entry - ready to paint :)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It was another busy day - I managed to sand the entry and now it's ready for priming.  Hoping to tape the room tonight and prime tomorrow and Thursday.

We read our book, did math quiz and spelling quiz and then headed off to PE - last PE class of the season.  We headed over to Bailey's for a visit and then off to pick up Karma and home.

We made mushroom ravioli for supper and I am heading off to do the 2nd half of our maintenance walk around the complex.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Busy day today - I had an ortho appt first thing and my teeth are killing me now.  I came home to take Karma to the vet - she's been peeing in the house .... turns out she has the same type of infection Hunter had a few weeks ago, so she's on antibiotics now - hoping it clears up soon.  She tried to bite the doc when she was being checked out - her bladder area is very sore.

Got home from that and headed out to a clients for a meeting and then home for a bit and off to the dermatologist for a follow up.

In the meantime, Spence got his school done and then chilled with his buddies until his dad came by to pick him up for supper.

He finished his reading, printing, drums, math and worked on his essay and we read our book together. Not a bad day.

I am supposed to sand tonight, but not sure I'm up for it yet.....will work a bit and then figure out if I am going to sand.
Sunday, was an errand and chores day for me and for Spence it was sleep in at Jonathan's and then over to dad for the afternoon.

I managed to finish prepping my entry way and now it's time to sand, prime and paint - hoping to get the sanding and priming done before the weekend.

I then tackled the dead juniper - so far it's winning - will try again tonight though as the clay is still moist and easier to work with.

I caught up on laundry, dishes, etc - so at least all the basic stuff is done.