Saturday, June 01, 2013

Friday we stayed home b/c of the rain and wet fields and Spence was sick.  He did a bit of school (reading, writing, math, drums) and then chatted with his buddies.  He was supposed to go play Magic with Jacob, but was still pretty sick when 5pm rolled around - so he stayed home.

Today I headed off to help Risa around her house and get treated to a yummy breakfast and then came home and took Spence to Jonathan's for his BD sleepless over.  I stayed to visit with Donna and John for a bit and share in BD pizza - which was yummy too.

I had to leave before the cake got served as I had to return some items at Walmart and get some stuff from Bed, Bath Beyond.

I got my dead juniper cut down to the root, made my bed and cleaned up the kitchen, walked the dogs and made curried lentil soup for supper.  Leanna came over afterwards and had a great visit.

Overall a pretty good Saturday.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We started off by heading to the Military Museum for Spencer's volunteer work and then I popped over to my client to do some work.  Spence was ready to go by noon and so we headed home and then did a math quiz and spelling quiz.  He chilled for a bit and then we went to drum lessons and on the way home stopped at Chianti to try out their pasta - wasn't bad for $9 & $11/plate.  We grabbed Karma on the way home (she was in daycare today) and then while Spence chilled at home, I went off to see about exterior lighting options and coffee with some friends.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yesterday (Tuesday) was busy because of PE - we got math and spelling done and quickly headed out the door and made it to gym class about 10 minutes before it started.

I headed off to run some errands and then sat in the library reading my school stuff while Spence was finishing up.  We went over to Edo to grab lunch and bring back to eat with the group and discovered that noodles with just mushrooms takes 3 I'm going to skip eating lunch there next week, but Spencer's meal was great.

We all headed over to Petland to grab dog food and Spence fell in love with a husky that was up for adoption and although we can have 3 dogs in our place, I thought we still don't have Karma fully trained and so didn't want one more to train at the same time....besides, where would I sleep?  I already get pushed out by the current pack we live with :)

We then went to Bailey's for the kids to play some magic before heading home in traffic.  We got home and Spence did his driving practice and then we made supper (Taco Tuesday of course) and while he chilled, I did a walk about with the board - our annual spring review of things that need to be fixed.

We watched some Dr Who after that and then Spence was off to bed.

We had originally planned for today (Wed) to be sports day - but with the rain, we'll call it a home day - which given that each day this week except for Monday is filled with activities, probably isn't so bad.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday was relaxing and dinner was nice with grama & grampa.

Today was a regular school day.  Spence did math, spelling, reading, printing, history, drums and brotherhood.

Spencer's dad came by at 4:30 and they headed off together.  The boys got rear-ended while out, but Spence said they were ok.

Now it's time to chill and relax for the rest of the night.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday was busy - Risa and her boys came over to try crepes (they'd never had them before) and so we had an impromptu brunch - it was so much fun.  Cinnamon rolls, crepes and tea.  They left just after Spence got home from James.  He had he'd had a great time at the prom and then at his dads.

He burried himself in the basement and I went off to run errands and once back he got ready to head over to Jacob's place. I walked the dogs again and then Spence headed over to Jacobs on his own.

I was in the middle of a baking/cooking spree - more cinnamon rolls for breakfasts, french toast sticks, pasta for supper and pancakes for breakfasts.

Spence came back with Jacob around then and asked if we could grab the pizza I'd pizza I'd promised.  We went off to Little Caesar's up the street and grabbed pizza and crazy bread.  I also needed margarine and the boys needed drinks from Macs.  Once all done, I dropped the boys off with their haul, kept a crazy break for myself to eat with supper and headed home.

I finished making supper and then after eating supper I walked the dogs and continued with the baking/ cooking.  Once I finished that, I started on the mudding again and finished patching the last of the ceiling and most of the one wall.  I was too tired to do work as I had planned after that and ended up heading to bed early.

I slept for almost 12 hours and feel pretty wide awake now and plan to finish the last wall, sand and see if there are any touchups I need to do before I'm prepping for paint.  I have a shelf I'd like to build before painting as well, so I'm hoping to get the materials for that today.

Spence and I have dinner with grama & grampa tonight which we are both pretty excited about.