Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spencer's weekend art project - Kakashi (from Naruto) for Otafest

Kakashi (Naruto character) - Spencer's art project for the weekend

White hairspray and glue for his hair

Sharingan eye (red with dots - contact lens) and brown eyeliner for the scar

Yesterday was the first day of the long weekend and so other than soccer, we decided to just chill.  We made sushi for supper, but I had frozen the rice b/c we didn't make sushi on the night we had planned - found out sushi rice isn't good frozen.  We had also ordered some rolls from Kinjo along with a few dishes we normally won't make at home and managed to eat the Kinjo stuff and we threw away the homemade stuff.

I'd been working on Spencer's new mask for PAX and it is coming along well and he got his costume ready for Otafest.  He is wearing these cool contact lenses the change his eyes to ones from this anime / cartoon he likes - but it was really hard to get the contact in as he kept shutting his eye on me.

We got it all organized and I dropped him off at the festival and headed home to tape the front entry - goal - finish taping and start mudding on Saturday.  I finished taping only to discover the mesh tape doesn't like to do outside corners, so today I go back to home depot to get beading (which I was hoping to avoid).

I picked Spence up at around 7:30 and we spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today we had Risa's boys over for a bit and decided we'd head to China Town to see if we could get Spencers costumes for PAX and the upcoming Otafest (Anime convention in Calgary).

We got one full costume, 3/4 of another and when we got home, I started on the mask for the 3rd.  Risa and I had some tea and a brief visit before they left and Spence started school.  Essay, math, spelling and printing.

He went off to play with his friends for a bit and then got organized to head over to his dad's tonight.  He's sleeping over as James is going camping this long weekend with Tammy.

I decided I was going to organize my pantry and three hours later I was done and too tired to tape my walls - and my feet are killing me.

Now I plan to work a bit, study a bit and catch up on some shows.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today is a sick day - yesterday Spence had some sniffles, coughs and achyness and after the cold meds, felt ok.  Today he woke up worse than yesterday and so we decided it should be a sick day.  Meds, soup in bed and lots of rest.  He should be good to go for dinner & movie tonight with James if he stays in bed all day and rests.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today was our usual PE day - I went to the dietician for my semi-annual follow up.  When I got home, it was time to get ready for PE and after we arrived, I did my client call and then chilled until it was time to go for lunch.

We went to Edo, the others went to Subway and afterwards Spence negotiated we stay south while he hung out with Bailey, Paige and some other friends.

Paula (Paige's mom) graciously let both Sherri and I stay, while the kids hung out.  While chowing down on some snacks, I had some Doritos and had a mild allergic reaction - 2 Benadryl and after a half hour I felt well enough to be able to get up and walk and drive home - I gave it another half hour and by the time we got home, was just cold.

Spence took the dogs for their walk and we decided we'd do scrounge tonight.  Now it's time to chill for a bit and then maybe a bit of work.

Monday, May 13, 2013

It was primarily a rest day yesterday.  I managed to sleep in until 11am, then once Spence came home, I sat on the deck for a bit and then figured out our menu for this coming week.  We watched some anime together, then he went back to playing with his friends while I caught up on emails and did some reading.

Overall a very relaxed mother's day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday was a write off.  Spence had come home to change and grab stuff for his dad's and then after he left, I was about to get ready to go to Rona, when the cleaners showed up - I had done a dealfind and it took me forever to get them to come.

They did a great job though - for $59 they cleaned for 4 hours....this of course was a bit of a problem because they want you onsite the whole time.  So I couldn't do anything in the house or out of the house.  I did manage to convince them that Rona wasn't going to take too long and I left to do that in between.

I got my pavers for the side of the driveway and a new diningroom floor lamp as the last one exploded and I couldn't get the light out of the socket.  The dogs and I went out on the patio and waited.  It was near 5pm when they were done and I was supposed to be at Kirsten's for supper at 5pm. I texted and said I would be late and then got ready to head out as soon as they left.

Kirsten had invited me to a friends BD dinner at Beer Revolution and other than the very loud noise level (it was like a night club loud) - the dinner and company were great.  It was warm enough for me to wear a dress and flats even.

I got home about 10pm and decided I needed to make breakfast so I wouldn't need to make it on Sunday - so I made some pecan pull aparts (the yeast was too old though - so they didn't really rise - but they still taste good), a small loaf of bread, brownies for Spence and a new batch of yogurt.  I watched some TV while all this was baking and getting ready and then headed off to bed by 2am.

Today is mother's day, so I plan to relax.  Spence and I will be having a 'jammie' day and watching some TV together.  Should be a very nice day - I want to do some gardening and some reading so it should be a very relaxing day.