Friday, May 10, 2013

Soccer was good - Spence was a bit slow getting back into it, but enjoyed his hour and a bit of running around.  We headed home and had lunch and then went to Kelly & Sam's place for a visit.  We had a great visit and then headed home to get ready for Spence to go to Magic with Jacob.

On the way home, I stopped at the new Target - it's the same as the Target I was at last week in Ft. Lauderdale - yay!  The prices were also about the same, which was great to see.  I got the stuff I wanted and headed home to walk the dogs and do some errands.
The kids went to see Oblivion and said it was a typical Tom Cruise movie, but they enjoyed it anyways.  Once home, Bailey and Spence watched anime until Bailey's parents came to get her.  Spence went to play a match with his friends and I caught up on some emails.

Today is our first day at soccer for the season - looking forward to it.  After soccer, we are heading over to Kelly & Sam's place for a bit and then home for Spence to pack up his stuff.  He's off with Jacob to play Magic at the game store and then he's sleeping over at Jacob's place for the night.

I'm hoping to sort out my ceiling and get a bit of work done.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Well I went to my client meeting and when I got back, Spence was up and ready to eat.  We got organized and figured out what our next school year is going to be like....our big issue this year is the math program.  Neither of us like the one we have, so we're trying to figure out which program to get or do we supplement our current program.

I did some more cleaning from the trip and then went through all the outstanding mail that my neighbour had put in the kitchen for me.  I also made some pasta for supper with a pesto sauce recipe I got from Michelle.  I loved it, Spence not so much - so that will be something I eat on my own.  My yogurt was finished and so I dripped it for a bit and made it greek style.

Spence then had a quick slurpee with his dad and then got ready to head out to a movie with Bailey.  Now I'm going to do a bit of work and watch a bit of TV until the kids are ready to be picked up.
Yesterday was productive.  I finished unpacking the suitcases onto my bed and putting them away and then I slowly went through the suitcase piles.  I took a break and got groceries, started laundry and started on the kitchen (which was a mess from all the suitcase stuff).  I also got the garage organized enough for James to grab his tires this week so he can change them out.

By the time I got home from groceries, Spence was up and hungry, so I made his breakfast and headed back to finish all the stuff I started.  We took a break at 1pm to go to Spencer's annual exam - he's doing well and was told he can start looking for a family doc either this year or after next year's annual.  We then went and grabbed Karma from her doggy place and came home.  I continued to do chores and Spence went to play with his friends until his dad arrived to grab him for supper.

I managed to finish all the laundry, put almost everything away, did the ironing and cleaned up half the kitchen before it was time for bed.

Today is another busy day.  I have a client meeting and then Spence and I will be spending some time figuring out this next school year.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Well, we figured out that we can do a direct flight to Orlando (4hrs) + drive to Ft. Lauderdale (3hrs) + all the luggage stuff that's in both airports or fly to Ft. Lauderdale through Toronto and have the same travel time.

It was a bit hairy on the way back - we arrived early in Toronto from Ft Lauderdale, but our luggage took forever and then we had to rush to make our connection.  We had to grab luggage, go through nexus (thank god for nexus) and then through the customs wicket. The guy was great and said I didn't have to pay and just ushered us through.

We dropped our luggage on the connection belt and pretty much ran to the security checkpoint.  I was selected again to go through the full screening.  When we finished that we hustled to our gate.

We made it with about 15 min to spare and grabbed Starbucks for the plane.  Spence had a cuban sandwich he was working on from the Ft. Lauderdale airport and I got a pasta salad from Starbucks with my coffee.

Thank goodness I had downloaded about 12 hours of TV shows on my ipad as the plane we were on from Toronto had no TV.  We watched our shows all the way home.

We arrived and picked up our stuff.  I had ordered a cab in advance - normally we pay about $60 + tip and that works out to be less than the self park for 2 weeks.  Our trip back was $125 and the driver was weaving all over the place - not sure if he was drunk or what - but it was a scary ride home.  It was also the last time we do that - with the surf boards we need an SUV and that costs more than double the regular we'll do the self park from now on or have a friend drive us.

We both were happy to be home, Hunter was happy to see us and followed us around all night.  We stayed up till midnight and then headed off to bed.

Today I was supposed to go into work, but my meeting was cancelled - so I will have a chance to unpack, get groceries and figure out what the rest of my week looks like.  Spence has his annual docs appt this afternoon and we're off to get Karma after the doctor's busy, but nice.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well it is fly home day today.  I'm letting Spence sleep in a bit and then we'll head out to the airport and home.  Wish us a safe set of flights!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Paddling out together

Catching virtually all the waves - even if it's only for a few seconds at a time

1st time on a board and he's already standing!  Ethan enjoying the surfing

Our last full day in Florida and we plan to take advantage of it.

Off to surf lessons at 11am and then some fun beach time afterwards for the boys to practice what they learned.  Then I plan some pool time and final load of laundry and last of the packing will be done and then we plan to chill.

The two weeks have gone by so fast - can't believe they are almost over and it'll be time to get back to our regular lives.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Another terrific day - I got up and managed a bit of work, cleaned up our place and packed a bit more.  I got our surf stuff into the truck and headed over to Michelle's to grab Spence.

Spence and I headed over to Green Wave - I'd heard a lot of good things about it and wanted to check it out for lunch.  Turns out at $15 per item, I wasn't as thrilled to eat there....the prices were pretty close to what Sublime was charging, but as a lunch item and a dive, I wasn't interested.

We decided to head over to Smash Burger / Panera Bread instead and made our way over.  We ordered and then waited, and waited and finally the food arrived.  We ate on the patio and afterwards left to see if I could find something to bouy my camera if it gets away from me.  We didn't find anything, but the guy at Island Water Sports said best buy carried what I I'll pop by there when I get home.

We then headed for the beach and it was about 2pm by parking, so we parked in the parkade and left the truck in the shade.  We walked with surfboards to the beach and headed straight into the water.  I had forgotten my camera in the truck, so no pics - but Spence caught some great waves today, and was standing on his board at least every 2nd time and sometimes more than 2 times in a row.

We were there for over an hour today and when we left, he knew what he wanted to work on tomorrow at his lesson - figuring out how to tell which wave to catch and where to be so you can paddle into it.

We got home and I headed to the pool and after an hour came upstairs and we both got ready for our big night out - Nobu!

Well, turns out - we don't need James to spend near $500 on dinner - no alcohol this time either....but he did get me a 2nd cookbook for mother's day - so that contributed to part of the cost.  I got two great cookbooks for MD which I really wanted.  Thank goodness I had budgeted the same amount as last year, just in case Spence could eat for both him and his dad :)

Spence managed 4 lobster tacos, we had tofu, edamame, two salmon dishes, palm salad, warm wild mushroom salad, black cod, sushi rolls and was wonderful and great as a once a year special treat while on vacation in Florida.

Now it's time to chill and relax - tomorrow is surf lesson time and more tanning time