Saturday, May 04, 2013

He can stand on the new board - success!

Spence slept over at Max & Rasmus' last night and I worked on packing.....this morning I let him sleep until about 10am and then headed over to pick him up so that we could go to the beach.

I dinged his board a bit on the ceiling (ick), nothing big, just a little nick - but I decided to get the repair kit on our way to the beach.  

Spence was pretty much sleeping all the way to the beach, then was grumpy but went to try out his board anyhow.....once in the water, he woke up and got up on the board twice (full stand) before falling and he fell about 6 times trying to get up.  The waves were almost non-existant, but still good.  The water was great - 79 degrees and so even I enjoyed it.

I initially got in by walking and soon decided that it would do no harm to my pneumonia if I sat on my board to take pictures....I had a tough time trying not to paddle into the waves, but I managed and took pictures of Spence.

After about an hour at the beach, we looked for Smash Burger to have lunch at...but couldn't find it and decided on Burger King again.  We headed home and while Spence showered, changed and chilled - I went to the pool to tan a bit more. 

I took Spence to Michelle, Todd & Ethan's around 3pm and looked at Michelle's spiffy new washer - yay, one that works!  She's been without for a few days.

I then headed off to Ron Jon to see if they had the surfboard wall holders I wanted and to check out the rug they had on sale....came away with neither....but I do have a nice new Ron Jon grocery bag :)

Next I went to a surf shop Island Water Sports suggested and they did have what I wanted - I got the last two in stock.  Then it was off to Krispy Kreme, Sublime and finally home.  I still need to go to Marine West to get a bobby thing for the camera (in case it drops in the water, it'll float back up - thank you Todd for the idea)....but otherwise, I think I have all the stuff I wanted for the surf boards and the cookbook from Sublime.

I popped off to Publix and grabbed Spence his Monday night dinner and a few fruits/veggies for the next few days and then came home to make supper, upload photos and do a bit of work.

Not a bad Saturday - at least it was sunny and 30 degrees and finally no rain!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Well, it was supposed to pour did but it was near 6pm.  I had changed the surf lesson because if it rained, we wouldn't have been able to do it anyways.

I got up at 8 and decided I'd head out to the pool when it warmed up a bit - it was 18 degrees and overcast.  I left for the pool at 10am when it was finally up to 20 and the sun was out.  The boys were all still asleep when I got back, so I left them until they got up on their own...around 12:30.

After breakfast/lunch, they continued playing their board / card games and watching anime, while I did a bit of work.

Helena came by to grab Max & Rasmus around 4pm and I took E home as we were going to CC's for supper tonight.  We left around 6pm and we were all starved by then...supper was good - as always.

Once supper was over, I drove Spence over to Jason's for his last sleepover at Max & Rasmus' house and I headed home, to see if I had to buy a new suitcase with all our far, so good.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Our youngest bowler

Got tired of bowling, took a break to head outside and warm up

We spent a part of the afternoon at the bowling alley and part of it at E's place.  It was pouring so hard that we drove at really low speeds.  While driving back, a lightning bolt just missed the back of Michelle's car - it hit the house behind her.

The boys all decided it was time to do another sleepover - so tonight we have Rasmus, Max, Ethan and Spence over.  We have left over pizza and we stopped off for some more pop and chips for the boys to keep them fueled throughout the night.

I managed to finish off my left over lasagna - which was still very delicious and I had the apple streusel for dessert with some coffee (thanks again Michelle for the coffee).

Now that I've dried off a bit, it's time to get back to work, while the boys play card and board games.
Yesterday was an indoor day - mostly.  Spence had spent the night over at Ethan's, so I went to grab him at around noon.  He came home, showered and ate and then was ready to head back to E's.

I dropped him off and headed to T-Mobile as my new phone kept reseting itself and having no service - after almost 2 hours, I did get a new phone - which doesn't seem to want to text (arg!)

I picked Spence up and we went home - on the way we ordered pizza from pizza hut as he was having Max & Rasmus overnight.  I left them with cash and headed off for my supper with Maggie at Sublime.  I've been wanting to try Sublime for over a year and was thrilled to go with someone.

Maggie and I had a great time catching up - her two boys are now both in college!  How time flies.  The food was really good - at par with Muse, Rush, Rouge in Calgary.  Presentation was excellent, portion size was huge and taste was really good.  Most of the foods are completely homemade (noodles and all)...really a very good restaurant.

I was home by 8 and decided to catch up on laundry, while the boys played card & board games and at 3am, I told them it was time to sleep as we had either waterpark or bowling the next day.

Today we had planned for waterpark, but it's raining on / off, so off to bowling instead.  Hoping tomorrow it's ok for the surf lesson.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Well yesterday was a disaster for our beach was supposed to rain - but after 12pm, virtually no chance of rain in the we headed off to the beach at 9.  I had the boys up at 8am and we were ready to go by 9:15.

We arrived at the beach and it was sprinkling - that we could live with - I sent the boys to check out the flags and it was riptide and dangerous sea life....and it started to pour while the boys were making their way the beach day was washed out.

We headed back to our apt and the boys played board games and Michelle and I tried to sit by the pool....that lasted about 15 minutes and then the rain made it to our area and it poured.  During a break in the rain, we ran to her car and moved it to the door of the apt.

We chilled here for another hour or so before Michelle and E went home and Max, Rasmus & Spence sat down to watch some anime.

Around 2:30, I got them organized to head out the door for a night of video game play at Flippers.  I dropped the boys off at Michelle's, as Todd was taking them all to the venue and I took off for target to get pool noodles and return stuff I got for Spence which he didn't like (serves me right).

Then I was off to West Palm Beach and dinner with Laura a g/f from Calgary who I worked with at TransCanada almost 15 years ago.  We went to Il Bellagio and the food was good and our catch up time was terrific.  We finished off with coffee at Starbucks next door and more talk time.  It was nice to catch up with her, as I haven't had the opportunity to see her in a few years now.

I headed home and got comfy and settled in to catch up on all my emails, blogs and a bit of work of course, as Spence was sleeping over at E's last night.

Today as it has already been raining for a while,  I think will be an indoor day.

Monday, April 29, 2013

E taking his turn at knee boarding

Spence after his first fall.....I'm ok :)

Successful 180

Then the crash

Another semi-overcast day and we chilled at Todd & Michelle's for most of the afternoon before all heading to Skyline for supper.  Spence managed to eat as much as TME did - he was hungry!

We went back to their place for some more visiting time and Spence asked to sleep over, so I left him there and headed home around 10pm.  When I got home, I organized our stuff for today and did a bit of work.

Today is flow rider day - I have to go to the surf shop though and make sure my board isn't too wide and then head back to TME's so we can all go together to the activity in one car.

Will post pics of the activity once we get back tonight from fencing - the boys decided that they needed another sleepover - so tonight I have Rasmus, Max & Ethan over.....they are playing Magic, Munchkins and other games - at least they are quiet (well as quiet as a bunch of teenage boys can be).

Sunday, April 28, 2013

So at about 1am last night I thought to myself.....I never tried out my board for width....I don't know if it's too wide for me to paddle.  

So I decided we'd go on Monday and test out the boards - Spence in the water and me on the carpet.  We'll take both boards home and then head off to the flowrider place.

Today, I let Spence sleep in even though there was a League of Legends tournament on starting at 7am.  He woke up at around 11am and after a shower and breakfast we headed over to MTE's house.  I had managed to do our laundry and do a bit of work before Spence got up and even made it to the pool even though it was cool outside (it was 24, but with wind and overcast sky - not much tanning got done).

The boys plan to watch League of Legends and Michelle and I plan to do some shopping.  Overall it should be a pretty relaxing Sunday.