Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off to try out the surf board

Mr Mike - awesome surfer and shaper

Almost standing.....

OK - fuzzy shot, but he almost made it

Done - wiped out and ready for a nap

New boards - Mine is the really big one - kinda like a boat and Spencer's is the little one

So at Sawgrass is a hot sauce store....Spence just had to try the spiciest hot sauce they had - the reaction was something else....first it was nothing and then it started....if flames could have come out of his mouth, they would have

The burn just kept going - if these guys were smart, they'd sell milk as well :)  Michelle had to run Spence over to Target to get milk to stop him from going any redder and get the hiccups done with

Yes, it made him cry too :) and no - we didn't buy it

It was a busy day today again - although initially we didn't really have any plans, except to go to Island Water Sports swap sale.

Spence spent the night again at Rasmus & Max's house and I had worked a bit.  I had to go to T-Mobile to get my phone working - somehow it lost signal and wouldn't reset.  They fixed it right away and off I went (great customer service with them so far), to grab Spence and head home for him to be able to shower and change.

We got home, he got ready and Todd, Michelle & Ethan came by and picked us up.  We headed over to Smashburger first for a late lunch and then to IWS and the four of us (M, E, S, L) walked to the store as the traffic was horrendous (about 3 blocks).  We found Mike right away (our friend) and talked to him about Spencer's needs.  Mike suggested a great used board (5'10") and suggested Spence try out the board - so off they went.  Spence spent about a half hour in the water testing out the board....and after the test both Mike and Spence decided he needed a bit longer board and we went back to the store.

We picked out two great boards and had them organized....we realized the VW was too small to transport the boards and so IWS said they would store everything until Tuesday morning when we came back to head to the beach.

Once done at IWS, we went to Sawgrass so that Spence could do his shopping and Todd could do some shopping as well.  We got what we needed and headed off to Tate's (it's a card game store like Phoenix back home)....there were a lot of folks playing and chilling (one hit on Michelle, while we were waiting for the boys to finish getting what they wanted), Spence got the last of the stuff he wanted from his list and we headed back to TME's place for a bit.

The League of Legends live stream tournament was on, so the boys watched that for a bit and then Todd & Ethan drove us home, so that we could have a late supper of left over Indian and get Spence to bed as he was wiped.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Managed to complete all my shopping in one day - except for some odds and ends which were optional, I got all my must haves.  My feet hurt a bunch when I was done - but I was glad it was over.

The kids played all afternoon at Todd & Michelle's and when I was ready to grab Spence he was ready to do another off he went and I went off for dinner with Angie.

Angie and I had a very lazy dinner and ordered too much food - so more indian for Spence and me - I ordered him his butter chicken and brought that home for him for tomorrow.

Now it's time to watch a bit of TV and relax for the rest of the night.
Today is another busy day.  I got up about 15 min ago and after breakfast plan to head to the pool for some sun - as I haven't really seen any since I got here (either always in the shade or at someone's house)...I plan to let Spence sleep for as long as he wants.

We plan to head over to Michelle's after we're all awake and the boys are doing a video game day - Todd has put both the PS3 and XBox out with two different TVs and sets of controllers.  There should be 6 - 8 boys all playing - they should have a great time.

In the meantime, I plan on hitting Sawgrass for a day of shopping and then after I grab Spence, I'll be heading out with Angie for dinner - can't wait, haven't seen her in almost a year.

April 25 - Park Day @ Treetops Park, FL

The kids coming in for a drink

Spence and Rasmus chilling

Tag, football, walking, talking - overall a great park day

Mom's sat in the shade, chatting & chilling

This little guy was my favorite of the day - he ate the cupcake wrapper and when he was about 1/2 done ran up the pole with cupcake wrapper streaming out of his mouth

Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 19 - Teen Activity Day & Dance @ Priddis

After a long day .... nice to nap on a swing

Macarena .... comback with the moms :)

Jonathan posed nicely for me

Harlem Shuffle Dance

Jacob and Spence taking over the DJ controls

Tag or Dance?

Jonathan was a great DJ

Well it was a busy day - I got up late and by the time I got ready to head out the door, I had forgotten hats and was late and then got lost....of course :)

I got the boys and we headed to Michelle's for lunch.  Everyone ate quickly as it was almost time to go.  Then we took off in two cars to Treetop for park day and the boys all had a great time - tag, football, rest, walking, etc

Once all that was done, we headed back to Michelle's, as I needed to run a few errands and Spence and Ethan wanted a bit more time together.

I went off to T-Mobile to fix Spencer's new phone - it froze and I didn't know what to do - you take out the battery and replace it :)  easy fix.  Went off to Walmart then to see if they had any converter boxes for the old style TVs (our apt mgr asked if I could pick it up and he'd give me the cash....we're only the 2nd renters in this apt and you can really tell!), they didn't so I went back to get Spence.

We ended up at Udupi - which is a pretty decent southern indian and we over ordered and then over ate...all good though, we now have more food for breakfast & lunch over the next week.

I dropped Spence off at home, then went to Radio Shack where I knew they had received the converters and grabbed one and some rabbit ears.  Came home, set it all up and now we have like 20 channels to watch if we want to, then I dropped off the bill with the manager.

We went to set up Spencer's bed in the livingroom and discovered that there is only one set of sheets, pillows, etc - so we made do with a top sheet, a throw and a pillow from my bed - tomorrow I have to talk to the manager about additional bedding.

Now it's time to go to bed - tomorrow is another big day.

We had a great time at MTE's yesterday - Michelle and I organized the next two weeks of activities and left a few days in between for us to just chill by the pool.

E & Spence played video games (of course) and I got two pre-paid phones for the US with unlimited text, talk and data - I paid for the phones and bought a $2/day plan for when we are here.  I just reload every time we plan to cross the border....these will be great for James and Spence at PAX this year as they won't have to worry about texts, how is someone going to answer them, calls, etc.  So far, other than the fact they are android phones, we really like them.  Turns out that iPhones are really intuitive.

After we left MTE's Spence really wanted Skyline Chili - we had dinner at home, but I figured we could eat that another night.  We ate at Skyline and afterwards we came home for Spence to pack his stuff for Rasmus & Max's place.

I drove him over to their house - their dad's house is the only wood clad house I've seen here, it's really pretty from the outside.  I dropped him off and headed home.  It was too late to head to the pool, so instead, I settled in to clean up my computer a bit, do some work and watch some shows I have taped in iTunes.

Today is park day and the kids are all going bike riding - one of the mom's has a spare bike for Spence, so they should all have a blast.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well, yesterday was a LOOOONG day.

I got up at 3:30am and Spence got up at 3:45 and we got ready to head out to the airport.  We were there by 5:00 and checked in and ready to go.

We sat next to a disabled lady and it was a tight 1.5 hr flight to Winnipeg (thank goodness she got off there) and then the flight added more folks and we ended up in Toronto on time.  We moved over to the next flight - NEXUS making it so easy - we bypassed all the security lines and customs and it took us less than 15 minutes to do that.

We had an uneventful flight - all good - arrived a bit early and headed to our car place.  I got a wicked deal, but the rental place was off site, at least they had a shuttle and it was pretty painless.  We have a Jeep Compass - so a small SUV for the 2 weeks we're here.

We arrived at our apartment, grabbed keys and paid and then took off to eat and meet up with Michelle, Todd & Ethan.  Ethan was fencing, so we met up with them around 10pm.  We wanted to go to Skyline, but they were closing when we arrived, so we went to the Burger King up the street.  The BK had one of the custom pop machines - Spence made a horrific combination.

We then went off to Publix and got basic groceries and headed to MTE's place.  We all visited until just after 11pm and then we headed home.  We came and discovered the TV didn't work (the cable company finally switched to digital and it's an old CRT set that doesn't receive digital) and the internet was broken.....that was a deal breaker for me.

Turns out the router was done and this morning the manager replaced the router and all is good on the internet front.....he's talking with the owner about the TV (as it's part of the 'features') and we will either be getting two new TVs or if Comcast has boxes - two digital boxes for the TVs.

The place is decent - not as nice as what we had in Rome, but decent.  Everything in the kitchen seems to work, it's clean and big.  It has 3 pools to choose from and the games room - which was also a feature, may be off limits to renters - not a deal breaker, but I'll be talking to the rental agency that books these and seeing about a partial refund.

Now that we're all up, had breakfast/lunch we're going to see about the games room and then head over to MTE's for a bit and then Spence has some buddies coming over after supper tonight.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Don't you hate it when you go in for tests and the tech is making all sorts of notes on your file and you ask - is it anything I should know about and they say, you have to talk to your doctor?  So now I wait for two days for the doc to get the results (it must not be that bad, b/c last time it was an hour to get results) and then the doc to talk with me.....pins and needles.  I figure though, everything should be ok if they didn't rush it like last week.

I then headed over to my client's for an early morning meeting and then home.  I had dropped Karma off at her kennel at 6am, as it was in the south - I got a call later in the day, saying she had found some new friends and was busy playing for the past 6 hours straight...hope she has a good time.

Spence was up and ready to play video games :) I told him though we had to finish getting the house ready and finish packing - so we did that together and once it was done, he went to play.

I took a nap, as all that wore me out and then got up in time for Spence to be showering and getting ready for grampa to grab him for dinner.  I headed off to grab some starter from a freecycler - but she wasn't there and hadn't left the starter, so I emailed her and said if she still has it in May, I'll grab it from her then.

It was then time to head out for a final coffee with some friends - before heading home to relax and go to bed early - tomorrow I have to get up at 3am, so I want to actually get some sleep before I need to get up.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spence is still sleeping - figured after a few very late nights, he needs it.  When he gets up he has a few chores to do and pack before he goes out with grampa and James.

I got up before my pill was due - today I'm on a strict schedule as I have more tests tomorrow and they require me not to eat/drink for a min of 6 hrs - so I'm timing my pills for the least amount of pain.  I had breakfast, had my pill, did some laundry and then took a nap.  I got up and decided to catch up on my facebook, emails and see about getting a bit of work done before the next nap.

Tonight is more nap time and trying to get a bit of work done.