Saturday, April 20, 2013

So turns out driving and walking around all day was a bit much - so I ended up sleeping a lot today.  I did manage to pack and make some food for myself.

Spence and the boys didn't get up until after 1pm (I heard them rolling around at 7am still) - they all had lunch and then Jonathan headed home, while Jacob stayed for a few more hours.

The boys chilled and then Spence got picked up by James for dinner at his place.  I think I still have to learn to relax a little more as I think even the packing might have been a bit much today.

Friday, April 19, 2013

We had a terrific day - I rested all morning and was ready to drive the boys to the activity day/dance by the afternoon.

We picked up Jacob, then Jonathan on the way - Kelly wasn't feeling well, so her and Sam stayed home.  We had a great time - the kids went straight from around 2pm all the way till nearly 8pm.

I got us home, dropped the boys off at Jacob's for a quick game of pool and then picked them up so that they could do a big sleepover....rather stay up all night over :)
Wednesday was busy as we had Spencer's career aptitude test scores to review - farmer, mechanic, military, scientist and of course to keep the family business going - he got high scores in accounting :)

Of course all of this you take with a grain of salt and you take a look at the general things that type of career could offer - so now we'll work through a few more exercises, but Spence is pretty convinced the route of history professor is the right one for him still.

He had lunch with James then and I went of to a lunch and learn and then we headed home.   I had an afternoon meeting with a client, so I took off again and afterwards picked Karma up from daycare and grabbed Spence for a celebratory dinner out.

James and I both thought he deserved a dinner out for graduating Grade 10 - so off we went to the Cactus Club.  Dinner was good as usual - James tried the fish taco's that Marty had once and really liked them, Spence had calamari and duck burger (as always) and I had my beans.

The boys headed off to the motorcycle shop to get accessories for James' new bike (helmet, gloves) and I headed home...originally I was going to go pick up some sourdough starter, but was not feeling well.  By the time I got home, I was really sick and didn't sleep all night.

Thursday, I cancelled all of my meetings and headed to the doctor's office.  So the first panic was my kidneys - they did some initial tests after they went through my symptoms and after they got the results back, they told me to go for more tests.  The x-ray showed that both my right lung and kidney were inflamed and usually they don't impact each other - I didn't have any of the typical symptoms for pneumonia but they tested for that after the x-rays and that came back positive - I tell you when they are worried, testing can be done really quickly.  So Monday more tests and I am on the list to see some specialists.  When I come back from vacation, I have to go back and do more tests to see if everything has calmed down or if my kidney issue is a separate one from the pneumonia.  So for now, percocet is the pain reliever, I have some anti-biotics that won't kill me that I'm taking and I'm to rest and relax - no exercise, no diving while in FL, surfing is off limits for at least the first week, kayaking too - once I'm done the anti-biotics I'm still not well - so although I might feel great, I'm not allowed to go do something that will cause a relapse.  So good news - the kidney thing, is probably related the pneumonia thing, bad news - I can't do my favorite florida activities while in fl - but it could be worse, so I'm going to look at it as a way to enjoy more shopping and pool time :)

Once home, I took my drugs and headed to bed and once the percocet took hold, I could actually breath and I could sleep for more than 5 minutes.  Spence was terrific as he took care of me all day - made sure I had liquids, crackers, etc and I finally got an appetite back after my ribs and back stopped hurting as much.  I made us ravioli for dinner - I was feeling useless after the drugs made me feel normal and Spence was telling me to rest.  We had ravioli and watched some Dr Who before I fell asleep again.

I slept well until about 1am, then woke up with a huge amount of pain -so took another pill and went back to sleep.  This morning feeling better again and haven't had to take a pain pill yet (it's painful, but not unbearable).  I've got to prep for the dance this afternoon - get the chips out of the cupboard type of thing and will drive out there with Kelly, Sam, Jacob, Jonathan and Spencer - full truck.  Kelly will drive if I'm not feeling up to it, which is great.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It was PE day today - I went off to client meetings before Spence got up and once I got home, we got ready to go to PE.

I dropped off Spence and ran some errands - including getting a sweet deal at Goodwill.  I had found out they had new golf shoes and got a pair of Calloway Golf Shoes in my size for $10!  Yay, along with a new golf glove.

I dropped off at Walmart to get a few things for our upcoming trip and last of the weeks groceries.  I went to grab Spence and we all went to Edo for lunch.  Spence went off with Bailey and her mom and I went back to my clients office.

I had my meeting and headed back to grab Spence and get Karma on the way home.   Now it's time to chill and relax....I'm still not feeling well, so I'm hunkering down under blankets for the night.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well - both Spencer and I went to bed real early last night as we were both sick....I got up early as I had end of school year meeting with Joe and then client meetings in the afternoon.  Spence finished Grade 10 today and we start Grade 11 in May :) Yay Spence!  We plan to go out for dinner as a family to celebrate!

Spence slept past 3pm and was still stuffy and sick when he got up.  I was busy passing along my sickness to co-workers :)

Spence headed out with James for dinner and I got into jammies and got my tea going, along with a bit of supper.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The house is all clean (well tidy) for the first time in weeks :)

The potluck was great last night, although the snow coming down did make it a nasty drive home for those who came from anywhere but the neighbourhood.

It was great to see a few families come and have a good time eating and chatting.  The kids kept going out in the snow and off to Mac's - because obviously we didn't have enough junk food :)

Jacob slept over after the party and the boys didn't really ever get to sleep.  In the meantime, I finished cleaning and doing dishes - the ladies were nice enough to empty the d/w and reload most of it :)  I also did some work and toddled off to bed around 2:30.

This morning was nice - the dogs and I got up at 9am, went for a walk in the foot deep snow and made pancakes and coffee for breakfast - I decided I needed banana, pecans and cranberries on top, so I added that at the end.

Now back to work - today is work and then tonight I can hopefully do the last of the ceiling tiles and start mudding.