Saturday, April 13, 2013

Past few days have been busy - Thursday was volunteer day and then drywall installation.  Friday Spence slept till nearly 3pm - he went to bed at 8:30 the night before - so I knew he was either sick or growing or both.  He got up sniffly and achey - so he was sick.  In the meantime, I had put up more drywall and did some work.  Kelly came over afterwards and helped me out some more.

James grabbed Spence around supper time and Kelly and I continued - we got it all done, except for one little square above the entry light...that's next week....then I can mud!

Kelly and I walked over to Value Village after we were done and spent the next few hours in the store - they have tones of stuff and we found a bunch of it still had original tags - never worn items which was a cool thing to find.

We had tea and hot dogs when we got back and continued to talk - no - almost 5 hours of chatting wasn't nearly enough :)  We called it a night near 11:30 and when she left, I finished cleaning up the living room.

Today, I got up and got the house ready for our potluck party - we're doing Italian potluck tonight.  I made bruschetta and I know someone is coming with Chicken Parmesan, another is coming with tomato salad and garlic bread, I have another with pasta - should be a good evening.  Chairs are setup and house is clean - first time in weeks!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today I headed off to the docs office at 8am to go over the allergy attack I had and she ordered an epi pen for me, as it was anaphylactic and she was worried that since we don't know what caused it yet, that I might accidentally come in contact with the substance again.

I have an appt with the allergist in May and she suggested that the lab work be done by I got that filled and headed home.

Spence got up and did his school - math, spelling, reading and printing.  Karen came over to chat about school boards and then I did some drywall installation.

James and Spence headed off to Smash Burger for their night out and I got organized to do more work - found ut I have some major stuff due in the next week at work, so I think I am going to concentrate on that for a bit.  

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Monday was a regular school day - math, printing, spelling, reading, drums and history.  We went to Cross Iron Mills Mall afterwards and met up with the h/s group to play laser tag at Battlefield Live.  The kids all had a great time and while they did their thing, we mom's went shopping - I scored a great new bathing suit for Florida and three more large tea cups with the strainers built in - like what I got for xmas - I love the tea cup and my friends all love it too .... so I got 3 more so we could all use one.

Today we had PE, so we did math quiz, spelling quiz and then headed off to PE.  While Spence did PE, I did groceries and then we headed home.  When we got home, Spence helped me move the last of the drywall into the living room and then I worked on supper while Spence relaxed.  Tonight was Indian - butter chicken, curried veggies, plain rice, biryani rice, naan, papadum - so nice to have fresh food....we've been getting rid of stuff in the freezer that was made a while back.

After supper, I worked on cleaning the garage enough to find all my tools and then finished the toe kick in the entry way.  Tomorrow I finish the door and ceiling I hope.

Now it's time to do some more work and then off to bed early enough, so I can get up and do work before I start on renos again.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Well the windows are in and there is so much more light in the house (yay!)....Spence headed off to James' once he got home from Jacob's and I kept out of the way of the guys finishing up the work on the windows.

I did chores and some baking and by the time they were ready to go, it was past supper time.  I got invited to go watch a few movies and have supper with some friends - so I decided all the renos could wait and so could work.

We had dinner and then went to see Olympus has Fallen (not a bad flick) and then it was off to see Assassin's Bullet (not a good flick) and by that time I was just about asleep on the dog and decided although everyone else was going to watch another flick, I was going to toddle off home and put Karma and me to bed.  Very nice Saturday night for me.

Today is catching up with those renos and doing some work and more chores....I think I'll spread all of that across the week.