Friday, March 29, 2013

Spence woke up sick on Thursday again and so I sent him back to bed...well to the basement.  The window guys were working on his bedroom window, so he tucked in the basement for a bit before being able to relocate upstairs.  He got up after lunch saying he was feeling a bit better, but he still looked pretty bad, so I gave him some medication and sent him to the basement to talk with his friends and stay bundled up in his blankets while the window guys worked.

Dave in the meantime finished taking out the rest of the closet, putting holes in the floor for the new heating duct work, making a steel support for the cut joist and cleaning up a bit of the garage workshop.

The patio door got dinged in transport and it turns out it's a good thing as the door didn't come with the lock I ordered, and the garage door wasn't an insulated steel door - it was a wood core door (exactly what I have now) - so 3 out of 3 doors were wrong.  The sales guy is looking to fix that today so I can have the rest of the windows installed and all the trim finished by the end of today.

The electrician came back to finish up his work and ended up leaving the light fixture unattached as there is no support for the new box - so Dave will fix that today and we'll have a light in the front entry again before dark.

Today is another big day - but as it is Good Friday and Spence has not been feeling well, I've decided to let him have today off and have him rest one more day - maybe he'll be done with this horrible cold/ flu by then.

The window guys are coming back, Dave and I are framing & getting the new drywall for the bulkhead we have to build and we're finishing up the electrical & plumbing.  We're pouring the molds for the new flooring and I'm hoping to do some patching and mudding today.

We're going to also try and see about framing in my new mud room in the garage, but neither of us (Dave or I) are hopeful that will be done before he has to leave for BC.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It was a big day today - Spence decided he wanted to make sure he was going down the right path for a career and decided he should take a vocational test.....3+ hours later, he was done and we'll find out next week what the results were :)

In the meantime, the plumber arrived and did a terrific job at moving all the lines - they are well hidden now and where they should have been originally.  Dave finished up his telus line movement, by creating an access panel for Telus on the outside wall and it blends in nicely, so no major change to the exterior, but it allows the techs to access the lines without entering the townhome.  The window guys came and started replacing windows - OMG - I gained window space moving to the new ones.  The old ones had over an 1.5" on each side of wood and the new once have about 1/2" frame - huge addition, the window opening mechanism is so smooth.  They will be finishing tomorrow.  The door guy came and said he couldn't do the door - the current moon is actually a custom cut out and it is 2" higher than the normal cut out would be and so they can't make the changes I ordered.  The window guys are now looking to see what else they can do without replacing the actual door....we'll see what they come up with.

As it was Dave's actual birthday today, I took him out for dinner.  We started at the Keg and after looking at the menu, the waitress informed me they no longer cater to vegetarian (non-dairy eating) patrons....would I like something to drink?  So we left and went to Joey Tomatos and had a pretty decent meal there instead.  We then went to Home Depot to get a few things for the work tomorrow and headed home.

Spence came home after a night with his dad and Bailey - they watched the Hobbit and had pizza.  Bailey was awesome and made cookies (we love her cookies), which Spence very nicely brought home for me to nosh on.  He also brought home the Hobbit, so that I could watch it this weekend (thanks James) :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yesterday Spence woke up with a headache, fever, stuffy nose and general achiness - so after a bite to eat, it was back to bed and then a full day or rest.  At 10pm, he was still sick and I told him if he's still sick today, he'd be back in bed instead of doing PE.

I'm letting him sleep in to see if it helps - hoping that he is better today as he really wants to go to PE, see Bailey and then go over to his dad's for supper.

As for me - Dave and I worked out our game plan for the reno's this week, started working in earnest and then finished early as we went off to meet up with Jim for birthday drinks and dinner.  Both guys have BD's days apart.

We went out for Indian and then headed home so the guys could have BD drinks and I could keep an eye on Spence.  The guys didn't end up drinking a whole lot as they were both tired and headed off (Jim back home, Dave to bed) before hit 40 and you feel old :)

I worked until about midnight and then headed off to bed myself.  Today is another reno day, I put Karma in daycare, so we could move around freely and I'm hoping to do some work between tasks and then some more work tonight.  Can't wait to have the work finished :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Friday was a regular school day (no more volleyball) - so Spence did his math, reading, printing, spelling, drums, essay, exam bank (80% on soccer rules) and we read brotherhood and history.

We pretty much chilled - I did more renos and worked and Spence got ready for the weekend and played with his friends.

He was sick enough to skip his card game at Century Box and so when he went to his dad's they pretty much continued the theme of chill time.  Saturday Spence headed over to Jonathan's and came home Sunday - still a bit stuffy, and very tired :)  good weekend for him.

I had my mom's coffee night on Friday - it was such a big crowd and we had a great time catching up and then it was back to renos.....everything starts on Wed with the trades and Dave was due on the weekend to help me finish prepping...he didn't end up arriving until today (1am) so he and I will have more than I want to get done and he needs to have some relax time as it is his birthday-he turns 40 this year :)

Well off to the reno projects for me along with some work.