Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursdays are early for Spence - we got to the museum on time and I headed off to some meetings.  I picked Spence up around 12:30 and we headed home.  While I changed into jeans and had lunch, he took a break and then we figured out what he had for school today - math, spelling, printing, reading, essay and of course his drum lesson.

He also finished cleaning the guest room (next week is his bedroom and then the boy cave) and started on his bathroom - which he said was too disgusting for even him to use, let alone let anyone else use it (Dave arrives on the weekend for BD celebrations).

We left for drum lessons and on the way home stopped at Smashburger as we had a coupon.  We got home, he went off to change his sheets and then do some laundry and I patched the entry hall door hole and put in a new door stop.  I have to mud the patch still, but at least the hole no longer leaks cold air into the house.

Now it's time for Spence to relax and play with his buddies and I'm going to try and get some of my work done.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I started off today with a dentist appointment and a new permanent crown.  Once home, I finished a 2nd coat on the batons - so that they would be dry before it got too cold.

For school we did math, printing, spelling, drums, essay and then Spence did his chores.  We relaxed for a bit.  James and Spence are off to Cross Iron Mills tonight and I'm off to Home Depot for vapor barrier :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It was a fun day (not).  I got Spence up and we read Brotherhood, then we did math quiz, spelling quiz and got ready for PE.  Bailey was sick, so Spence wasn't in a hurry to be there early.  We picked Corbin up on the way to PE and I headed off to have lunch with Amy while the kids did their class.

I grabbed the boys and dropped them off at Corbin's - I was going to head out to grab groceries, got lost in McKenzie town and managed to run over something and blew my tire.  I called AMA, 3 hours they said - so they suggested I drive to a mechanics - they said it should be a half mile away.  I called Rebecca and she said the Canadian Tire was I drove on the flat and finished off the tire on my way.

I got to Canadian Tire and they refused to replace only one tire .... they wanted me to change all 4 - even though the tires are less than a year old and less than 10,000 km on them - store policy.  The guy says to me - I can sell you a tire and you can change it yourself....I asked him, do I look like a girl that knows how to change a tire?  The store manager came to the rescue (only after I asked for him) and told the service guy to put on my spare for me.

While they argued about store policy and finally got the spare on - I called my regular mechanic and he got me the tire I needed.  I ran out of time for a visit with Rebecca and grabbed Spence and we drove home on Deerfoot, then Glenmore and Crowchild at a whopping 60 km/h.

When we got home (after picking up Karma and grabbing a few things from the grocery store), I dropped off the truck at Steve's and he said he'd have the truck ready by morning.  I love my mechanic!  He's awesome.

Since it was warm enough, I did the first coat of paint on the window batons and made Taco's for Taco Tuesday.  Overall a pretty good night - now time to go back to work for a bit.

Monday, March 18, 2013

We read our book while Spence ate breakfast and then he decided that he needed more sleep.  After several hours, he got up and started school....printing, math, spelling, reading, drum practice and then he cleaned his old room a bit.

Then he relaxed a bit while Kelly (who came over to help with the renos) and I took down all the blinds in the house in preparation for the window installations.

I headed out to meet up with Kirsten for a window shopping trip and coffee - well the coffee never happened, but we had a great time trying on a ton of clothes.

Spence came home after supper with James and now we're chilling till bed time.