Saturday, March 16, 2013

Managed to almost finish sanding the floor - I'm trying to level out the floor as much as possible.  I think one more go at it should do it.  I also got the wall off where the steel pipe goes up the wall and it's ready for re-routing.  I need to check for additional wires, but it's almost done as well.

Today was so lazy for me - got up late, lazed around for a bit and then took Karma to meet a potential dog sitter for when we are away and once home had a late lunch and the three of us (Karma, Hunter and I) decided it was nap time...2 hours later, we got up.

It's a good evening too - Kirsten and I will be going to listen to the experiences of others who have done our trip in Spain tonight and see what they packed for their trips.

Spence slept over at his dads last night and then was supposed to go to Parkour, but Jacob forgot so they skipped it and spent the day together instead.

Overall I think a very lazy and good Saturday for everyone.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spence did his essay, drums, printing, reading, math, spelling and then helping with some drywall tearing down.

I had purchased the multi-tool I had been eyeing to help with the drywall and it made my life so much easier when I did my turn at the drywall.  I also tried the chemical paint stripper on the ceiling - per my brother's suggestion and it made all the difference - it came off like butter.

Then James grabbed Spence for their night together and I took the dogs for a walk.  For supper I plan on treating myself to crepes and doing a bit more work - one more report to do and some reviews of the two final reports I have already finished....and I'm going to do some more renos.  Should be a good evening.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Volunteer day today - so I dropped Spence off and headed into work.  I grabbed Spence after work and then we did spelling, math, printing and reading, he decided to work on a new world in one of his games - minor coding in visual basic - so he did that instead of his essay today.

We chilled until it was time for drums and then after drums we grabbed Karma from daycare, dropped her off at home and headed off to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a treat dinner.  It was great - mainly because we never go there.  We brought home enough pasta for lunch tomorrow and a cake for dessert.

Once home, Spence decided he wanted to sleep over at Jacob's tonight because he's off at his dad's tomorrow.  I am trying to finish my last report for the year - due tomorrow morning, so am hunkering down with my laptop for the evening instead of trying to finish sanding my floor.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Very good day for Spence today as he got to sleep in a bit while I went to the orthodontist.  When I got home, I got him up and after breakfast he did his essay, math, reading, printing and drums.  After lunch, Sam & Kelly came over for a visit and after they left I headed off to a business function and Spence headed off with James for chili cheese dogs and some TV.

Overall a pretty good day.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busy day - like most Tuesdays.  I had a meeting downtown at 7:30, so off I went and was back in time for Spence to be telling me we're going to be late for his class.....we left at 11 for a noon class.  The traffic was bad though and we got there about 45 minutes later.

I ran a few errands, while he was in class and then we all went over to Subway for lunch.  Spence & I stopped into the shoe store for new shoes - his were kinda falling apart and we managed to score 2 pairs of runners for $90 - so now he has an indoor and outdoor pair + a pair for volleyball and one for soccer.    He should be set for spring, summer and fall.

Then it was over to Bailey's - I opted to accept Sherri's hospitality and I worked from her house while we had tea and chatted.  It was great company and I still got lots done.

We got home in time to get Karma from daycare and make taco's for Taco Tuesday - tonight was taquito's, burrito's, hard taco's and soft taco's - and yes, the boy ate most of that.

I made a batch of yogurt for tomorrow as I had gone through my current batch - great breakfast food and snacks.

Now I'm getting ready for class - although still tired from getting up so early this morning and still have lots to do for work....somehow the busy season just isn't ending.

Monday, March 11, 2013

We started off by reading Brotherhood, then history, spelling, math, printing, drums, essay and finally cleaning his old room a bit....while he did that, I did a bit of work.

I cleaned the garage a bit before starting to sand the entry floor - trying to level it as much as possible before the new floor is laid down.  I walked the dogs and freezer surfed for supper.  Spence got picked up by James for games night and mac/cheese (something I cannot make, no matter how I try).  I had some yogurt for dessert and then went back to work while kiddo was out.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday we did regular school because volleyball was cancelled for the day.  Reading, history, printing, essay, drums, math, spelling and some Karma training.

Spence decided he wanted to do the Magic Card game downtown with Jacob, so I got them there just before 6pm and then Spence was sleeping over at Jacobs.  In the meantime, I started putting together the Ikea stuff I got for Spencer's new bedroom (his old lounge) and did a bit of work before heading off to bed.

Saturday was a relax day - Spence got up sometime in the late morning and then headed home.  I had finished his bedroom by then and had both Shaw & Telus over to figure out who's pipe was running through the middle of where my new window was going.  Turns out it was Telus, funny when you tell them you will cut their service if they don't show up - they come in a half hour :)

My brother is going to move the cable and splice it as he has all the tools and I will prep the area for the workers and for Dave....getting me a drywall saw today!

I then removed the lino from the front entry and discovered to my horror the contractors had used staples - every 4" to put down the 3rd layer of floor.  I clicked some pics and sent them off to Dave and we decided that the 1/2" clearance between the door and floor was enough for the new flooring I problem solved.  The backing for the lino didn't come off though, so today I am sanding the floor to even it out for the new floating floor I'm putting in.

I also got my new bed delivered for the guest room - Spencer's old bedroom is now officially a guest room with a comfy bed, dresser and night table.  I'm hoping to have that put together today too.

Spence had spent some time with James yesterday too and brought home touques from Leora's swim team - they are awesome!!!! and Spence went to chill with his buddies playing Sim City (2nd generation addicted to that game) and I headed out for dinner with Kirsten and some final planning for our trip to Spain.  I think we have it all planned, we have our packing lists done and we know what we are missing - so now it's just sit and wait for another 6 months before we can go.

I came home and did a little bit of organizing for the week and Spence continued to play.  I got up this morning - forgot the time had changed and was pretty proud of myself for getting up at 8am :)  turns out it was 9am....oh well.  Took the dogs out for their walk, we all had breakfast and then I remembered Spence had a game today with Jacob - so got him up and now am taking him over to Jacob's and then James will pick him up and they'll have dinner together.

In the meantime, I'm going to work on the guest bedroom, go to home depot for my saw and a new multi head screw driver (mine from 30 yrs ago, broke putting the Ikea stuff together - I'm pretty attached to it, so not sure what I'll get).  Then it's over to Risa's for the afternoon and early evening to help put up blinds and iphone issues and then we plan to have dinner and then I'll come home to get some work done.

So very busy weekend - feels great to be getting on with the renos, work and play :)