Thursday, March 07, 2013

Well, I got Spence up just after 7am as I had an ortho appointment before his volunteer work.  We got to the museum a good 20 minutes before his start time, so he napped.

I headed off to a client's and he was ready to go home a bit early due to tummy issues....think he might finally be getting that flu/cold.  We got home, had lunch and then did math, reading, spelling, printing, history and drum practice.

We had an early dinner, as we were both hungry and then I headed off to class and he chilled with the dogs.  When I got home, we sat down and watched our current anime together for about an hour and a half before I sent him off to bed.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I had my cracked crown temporarily replaced - getting the mold off was hard and loosened my main band holding my tomorrow I go to get that re-cemented :)

Then when I got home, I did a few chores before Spence got up.  Spence did math, spelling, reading and history today and then I headed off to the land of IKEA to get Spencer a new bedroom suite.  The one he wanted was being discontinued, so I had to grab it from the store rather than order it online.

Turns out Kelly & Sam were there too - looking at kitchens, I found most of what I wanted - but one piece was already sold off and so I had to hunt down options for Spence to choose from.

I walked the dogs when I got home and after I got back, James arrived to grab Spence for their night at the movies and Smashburger.  I in the meantime decided it was time to do some work, snack and chores.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Today was our regular PE day - so math quiz, spelling quiz and then a bit of a break before PE and then Corbin's.  We then headed home to pick Karma up from daycare - took the dogs out and then headed to Pulcinella's for our monthly family dinner.

I left the boys and headed home to get ready for my first class back after a month off - it was fun and tiring :)  The boys headed off to the comic book store to grab some Manga and look at some comic books.

Monday, March 04, 2013

We started with history, spelling and then picked our next book to read - Brotherhood by John Flanagan, then it was onto a new math section - circles (hm....I think I remember doing this with Spence less than a year ago), Spence then did his printing and we looked at his essay - worked on structure, finally it was time to do drums and get ready for helping grampa move from SAIT to James' place....I got some great stuff too - a new lamp for the livingroom, one for the guest room and a bunch of other stuff - some for Spencer's college collection and some stuff for me :)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Well I did end up enjoying a very nice evening out eating Indian with some friends....brought home butter chicken for Spence and then found out today that he prefers the one I make.

Spence and James went out with some friends - first they tried bowling but that didn't pan out so instead they played pool and apparently James sucks and Spence rocks :)  Glad they had a great night out too.

By the time James brought Spence home today, I had walked the dogs - a few times as Karma was enthralled with the snow, and had settled in to do my Sunday chores and start working on supper (Indian again).

Made daal, naan, potatoes/mushroom curry, eggplant with masala and berber spices, we had butter chicken from the restaurant, rice and papadums....that took about 4 hours while I did chores.  I also ate my first homemade yogurt and tried to experiment making half the batch thicker (like a greek style) and that worked like a charm.

After walking the dogs for the last time today, I called Spence up and we had supper and now he's back playing video games while I'm going to tackle some studying and work while catching up on my TV shows.

Overall a pretty good Sunday even with the foot of snow on the ground.