Saturday, March 02, 2013

Spence slept in and I headed off to the Home & Garden show and met up with Carolyn and Lalit (her beau) and we had a terrific time poking around - got some great ideas for my reno's and then called my brother on the way home to go through some of them.

I had planned to head to Home Depot to rent a saw I needed for the closet demo, but it was too expensive to rent and not worth it to buy - Dave said he was coming out - so I held off and decided my plumbing would wait until April and the closet would come down at the end of March.  We also talked about how to deal with my drywall.

I also stopped at Bed Bath Beyond and got a yogurt maker - I had a gift certificate from there still, so it was a great use - I came home and made should be ready for my breakfast tomorrow morning.

James came by and grabbed Spence for their night I have to decide, over to help out put curtains up for the night, watch some movies and do a bit of work or a bit of both or even a decedent night out with some of my girlfriends......dinner and maybe even a many choices.

We did our math, spelling, history, printing, reading, drums and essay before heading out for volleyball.  Volleyball was great today - they were all very active in trying to get the ball and Spence spent quite a bit of time on the floor - he'll be pretty bruised tomorrow - but he did manage to save the ball more than half the time.

Overall a pretty good day.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spence did his school on Wed and I was still in Chicago - trying to figure out if I was going to get home or end up sleeping in the airport.

The 'snow storm' - 1" to 4" of snow shut down the airport on Tuesday and they were still canceling, delaying and mucking up the flights on Wednesday.

We went to the plant, did our work until near 4pm and then headed to the airport.  We got there at 5pm and hung out until our flight time.  We boarded the plane on time - then sat in the plane for almost 2 hours waiting for clearance to take off.  We arrived near 1am and by the time I got home - I was exhausted.

I slept until 9:30 this morning and then got organized for the day.  I took down wallpaper, got Spence (who is growing again), got groceries for the week and did a bit of work.

Tomorrow back to it - but it was nice not to have to be ready for work first thing this morning after the long day I had yesterday....and Spence appreciated a day off as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discovered that Chicago folks are worse than Vancouver folks - about 1" of snow and the plant shut down.  The airport cancelled over 700 flights in total by the end of the night (they had 4" of snow).

We left the plant just before 2pm to go work at the hotel....glad we did because shortly after we arrived back at our hotel, an SUV went under an 18 wheeler and shut down our exit off the highway.

We managed to work until 7pm before we left for supper - tonight was a local Italian was pretty good - but lots of left overs.

Spence had a good day - he went to PE and spent time with Bailey.

Hoping to make it home tomorrow.

Monday, February 25, 2013

So not much today - other than I had to get a new suitcase to bring my stuff back home in - my old one decided the wheels and zipper had to go and although I was willing to tug the old one home without wheels, no zipper meant the darned thing wouldn't stay closed.

Work was long and the food here is massive - the plate are really platters - we worked until 5:30 and then headed out for dinner and suitcase shopping.  Spence did his school at his dad's and chilled.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Got up, everything is packed and ready to go - having my breakfast before the airport, so I'm not super grumpy with the security folks (not a good idea I'm sure).

Dog has been fed & walked, child is still sleeping and it's a darned cold -8 outside (at least it's not windy).

Off to the airport soon and my flight to Chicago.  Spence is staying with his dad over the few days I'm away, Hunter is home with Bev and Karma is off with Katie.

Hoping my airport experience is decent and Spence has a great time at James'