Saturday, February 23, 2013

We had a very relaxing day today - chilled - then cleaned the house, so it's ready for when I get back from Chicago.

I dropped off Hunter's stuff with Bev and Spence and I both got packed for our week away - Spence off with his dad and I'm off to the Chicago area.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Today Spence did math, reading, printing, essay and volleyball.  I BBQ'd hot dogs for us (first use) and they turned out great - my vegan field roast sausages turned out much better than I thought they would. We tried the firepit - but we need smaller wood pieces to start the fire - so I will buy a small hatchet tomorrow .... I may have one, will have to look in the garage and we'll try again tomorrow :)

Tonight is homeschool mom's coffee night :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today we did math, spelling, history, printing, drums, essay and reading.  It was also our monthly dinner out as a family and we had it at Kinjo's - the boys were kind to me and ate less than usual :)

While they went on their way for a game of cards, I went off to Rona to get sand for the fire pit and then came home to start on laundry and more work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today I started out really early - way too early.  I left at 7am to get wood for our new fire pit and then headed back into the thick of traffic to meet with clients.

I got home just after lunch and Spence had already started school - math & printing.  We continued with history, drums, essay and spelling.

I popped off to Rona after we were done and got tiles for under the fire pit - paid for them with my airmiles :)

Spence got ready for his night out with James and I am continuing to revise reports and write new ones for my year ends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today was not only a typical Tuesday, but Spence and Bailey had their Valentine's Date today.

The plumber came just before 9am and like the other plumbers was all about how could they just cut through the he'll give me a quote as well.

The window guys called and we have it all set - turns out because I'm cutting walls, it won't be done in 8 hrs - it'll be 3 days + the custom door cut on day 4.  Well I'll get my money's worth with the amount of labour they'll be doing.

Spence got up and we did spelling and math and then headed off to get Corbin from school for PE.  We had some time and so we did a few groceries first and by then of course we were about 10 minutes late.  I got them to PE and then I ran some errands before coming back home to work.

I went to pick Karma up from daycare to find out she'd been sick and had thrown up - she slept in the car all the way down to pick Spence up.

Kiddo had given his pressie to Bailey during class (necklace & earrings) and she gave him her pressie later - necklace, magazines/manga, etc - they loved each other's presents and after lunch went to Southland for a swim.  Spence splurged and paid for lunch for him and his girl.  Bailey's mom was gracious enough to play chauffer today and after swim time, they came back to her house for some Dr Who time.

I popped in just after 5pm and had tea and some fantastic cookies that Sherri had made.  We left just after 6pm and headed over to the place that was selling the fire pit - it was terrific and we will put it out on the patio tomorrow.  I need to get some tile for it before we light it though.

I also found a good amount of dry split wood for $40.00 which I'm picking up tomorrow for the fire pit - all set for a great spring, summer & fall - just missing my natural gas patio heater - which I'm sure I'll find on Kijiji - I missed the last one by 1 day.

Once home we had taco tuesday (I made the taco meat before I left to pick up Spence) and I decided I was going to do nachos with mine and Spence ended up with burritos.  Then it was brownie time for dessert for both of us and finally time for bed for Spence and a bit more work for me.

Pretty good day overall.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Relaxing family day at the Dahl household.  Spence slept in until 12:30 and then got up and did some chores before heading out with his dad.

I got up earlier than that and walked the dogs, did my chores and plan to do a bit of work.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Terrific day - I got up and had the last cinni bun and then walked the dogs.  Kiddo arrived home while I was getting ready to head out for a walk and he chilled until it was time to go to Jacob's BD party.

While he was out, James borrowed Tammy's truck and we picked up a new to me BBQ off Kijiji :)  it is nice and small, still natural gas and is in good working condition (the starter doesn't work, but not a big deal).  I am so excited as I'll be able to BBQ again - found I really did miss it for things like hot dogs and burgers - which just are better off the for the firepit and patio heater....eventually they will be on Kijiji and I'll be able to scoop them up.

Tonight - I have mashed potatoes for dinner - not sure what else I'll put with them - it will depend really on how hungry Spence is after snacking all afternoon.

Nice way to spend Family Day weekend :)