Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday and Friday were good school days - math, reading, printing, drums, essay, history and spelling.

On Friday Spence went off with Jacob to Century Box to play some card games and enjoyed himself and I got quotes for electrical and plumbing.

Today Spence is off with James to Banff for Eddie Burger and then overnight, I am heading off to Canmore to visit my mom and then off to Risa's for some light fixture changes and then I'm staying for a bit to hang out and have supper.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, I had to leave this morning and Spence was going to do school when he got up....he didn't get up till I was almost home :)

We had planned on meeting up with Corbin in the afternoon, but since school hadn't been touched and Spence was still tired after almost 14 hours of sleep, we decided it would be better to stay home.

He started with history and doing some Karma training, then some math (cosign again), printing, spelling, almost 2 hours of reading, then drum practice and essay.  

James and Spence were heading out to a movie tonight for their night out and I had left over Vietnamese for supper.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's PE day (we moved drums to Thursdays, so that we could hang out after PE with the kids) - so we did our light school day today.  Math (more cosign work), spelling and history, then it was down to the south for PE, Edo Japan for lunch and then a walk in Fish Creek Park to work off the lunch.  We barely made it back in time for James to grab Spence for their night out.

While they were out, I managed to make fajita's for supper and get comfy in my jammies.  Spence came home with some beautiful valentine's flowers that he and James picked out for me.  That was so sweet.

Now it's time for Spence to chill, the dogs to nap and for me to do a bit of work.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to the grind.....Spence did his school (math, reading, printing, spelling, history) and then chilled for the rest of the day.  Dave got up and finished installing the basement door before he left to go back to Vancouver.  I worked a bit and cleaned up some of the mess from last night.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy BD to Spencer, Happy BD to Spence, Happy BD to Spence......Happy BD to Spence (sung to the HB song).

Spence turned 15 today - as he said though - he doesn't feel any different :)

The boys slept in until 12:30 when I got them up and they got ready for the day....Jonathan got organized to get picked up by his dad and Spence just got up.  Dave and I got up earlier and had headed off to Home Depot to get the last of the materials we needed and then while he got organized in the garage, I headed over to Best Buy to see about the sound bar the guys got me for xmas.

The system at Best Buy was down, so they just exchanged the sound bar and I just had to pay for a new extended warranty.  I was ok with that - the alternative was weeks without the sound bar.  I got home and helped Dave a bit and then woke up the boys.

While they got organized, Dave and I headed upstairs and he finished getting my shelf stuff measured and then cut.  I managed to upholster my headboard - not as nicely as the TV shows (then of course Dave says - you could do x and the finish would be better....but not until after I was done), but good enough for everyday use.  He continued to work on the shelf throughout the day and we finished it at about 10pm - it needs staining but it is exactly what I had pictured in my head.

While he worked on the shelf, Spence and I demolished the closet as much as we could before 11pm hit.  Spence was tired at 10pm and headed off to bed and I continued on for another 1/2 hour before I quit.  We'll finish the demo tomorrow before Dave leaves (we're using his awesome tools).  Dave had planned to finish the basement door, but ran out of time, so that's on tomorrow's list before he has to leave for Vancouver.

I am so grateful he offered to help out - not sure how we would have done all of this on our own as I have so little attention to detail compared to him and you need to do that whole measure 4 times and cut once deal and I'm all about the estimations :)

We found all sorts of neat short cuts the builder used building our once it's demo'd and cleaned up, I'll have to figure out what to do with all the short cut stuff.

Tomorrow, back to the real world - work and school :)
Well, Dave did arrive around supper time and thankfully for me started in on my projects right away.  We measured and headed over to Home Depot and discovered it was closing in 10 minutes .... so we found the door we needed and headed home.

Our goal for Saturday night was to have the basement door installed before Spence and Jonathan went down for the night....well from 8pm to 11pm - Dave measured, cut, hammered and pretty much prepped the door frame - then we discovered the HVAC unit sits a 1/2" below the door frame - UG!! never even thought to measure that.  So we left the door on the frame and it's stuck in a 3/4 open position - so we told the boys - not to touch it.

Tomorrow we'll take the door off and cut a 1/2" off the top & 1/4" off the bottom - so it can swing open  and then we'll move onto the other two projects we have on our list before he has to get back to Vancouver.