Saturday, February 02, 2013

had a great day today - got up and finished cleaning the house and getting ready for the open house party.  I grabbed Sam and brought him over early and then Spence came home and the boys got the basement ready for the kids.

I managed a nap before it was time to have folks over and by 6pm we had most everyone here.  So glad I did a potluck - the food was great and such a variety!  The folks were terrific and we all had a great time chatting and eating.

Hoping to do another one in the next month or two.

Friday, February 01, 2013

So a great school day and good news from the condo board!

I let Spence sleep in a bit as all we had to do was clean, do school and volleyball.

Jacob & Joanne came over for lunch and a visit, then we went to Volleyball and now we're doing math, spelling, reading, printing & drums - then it's a bit of chore time and dinner with James for my BD at Kinjo's.

I will finish tidying up after Spence goes to James' for the night and then we'll be ready for tomorrow and for my brother - who is arriving sometime tonight or tomorrow from Vancouver to visit with me for my birthday :)

I also got news today that I have approval for the new windows in the townhome - awesome!  I have two that I requested be added (new to the condo) which will let more light in during the day.  I'm so excited!!!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

All I gotta say is let the BD celebrations continue :)

Grama & Grampa took me out early, I took part of today off to chill and relax, then tomorrow James and Spence are treating me to Kinjo's and Saturday I am having an open house and those that know it's my BD we'll be celebrating :)  I love being my age (which as of today is 45) and I am the luckiest mom in the world - Spence has been a great kid - the best pressie ever.....of course there are the two pairs of Fluevogs (gracias from grama & grampa) and the pressie James & Spence are getting me, and my awesome SIL Leora, who is just a good friend and who sends me wishes along with some of my other very good friends - I'm so thankful and lucky!

In addition to me being lucky - grampa got his surgery and is at home recovering - so a great end to a very long January - Spence and I are so glad he's doing so well with recovery.

In the meantime, Spence did his military volunteering and the spent the afternoon resetting up his computer - we had it in the shop for a video card failure and did some needed upgrades so that he could use it more efficiently - good use for the education funds we receive annually as it's the computer he uses for everything.

Again - terrific day and can't say thank you enough to all my family and friends - love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It was our regular busy Tuesday - Percy, History, Math & Spelling.  We then headed off to Memory Express - dropped off Spencer's computer and they took a look at his issues.  We decided to add a few things to help it run faster.

Then it was off to PE - while he was at PE, I went off to do groceries and once we were both done, we met at the library and we both found out that his girlfriend and her best friend decided that Sunday was a good double date day :)  So the kids are going bowling and then over at Paige's for the afternoon.

Then it was off to a quick lunch at Edo with Bailey and her mom and then Spence and I hustled to his drum lesson.  Once done drums, we came home and made a snack and dinner.

I had to walk the dogs - but it was so cold, neither of them was too enthusiastic to be outside and quickly headed home.

We also found out grampa was well enough to go into gallbladder surgery today.  He got in quickly and came out well - he's in recovery now and we hope to be able to visit tomorrow.  Yippee - grampa is on the mend.

Monday, January 28, 2013

It is a Monday - everything is taking longer than I had thought it would.

We started off with Percy Jackson, math, printing, history, drums, short story, practice driving and silent reading.

Then it was off to a haircut for Spence - we had hoped to eat first, but the waitress we ran into was really stupid - I mean really stupid.

Spence then got his haircut and we headed off to see grampa at the hospital.  Grampa is doing better, but it's still a waiting game to see when they will remove his gallbladder.

Then it was time for me to run some errands and for Spence to chill.  Karma had gone on her doggie daycare walk this morning, so she was tired and chilled with Spence.

Tonight, Spence is off with his dad for supper and I'm off to class.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great weekend - I managed to grab the shoes I wanted for my BD via web order - they should arrive by my BD :)

Spence headed off to James' for the day/night on Saturday and I headed over to Pumphouse Theatre to watch the last showing of Spamalot - boy was it funny!  Risa did a great job organizing it for the moms in our group - great day/night out.  We went off for dinner afterwards and were done early enough for me to head home and catch up with work in a very nice and quiet setting....I also caught up on some movies I had on my list to watch - great night.

Spence came home today and I headed off to my paint touchup class....again, I was the only one at the class, which worked to my advantage :)  I got all my questions answered and then headed home.

Tonight - more chilling and working tonight and Spence is playing with his buddies online.

Grampa is still in the hospital, waiting to get well enough to have surgery - hoping to pop by and visit with him tomorrow on our way home from the hairdresser.