Friday, January 11, 2013

It was a decent day today (other than the extreme cold)....we did Percy Jackson, silent reading, printing, drums, history, picked an essay topic, exam bank, math and spelling and then of course volleyball at 2 :)

They had a great game today - if you missed the ball and it bounced on the ground - your team did 5 pushups.

Tonight, Spence is off with James overnight - the dogs and I are relaxing and I'm going to try and warm up a bit...might have a bit of a cold.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today was volunteer day - so up early with a bit of reading and then off to sit in traffic for a while. We came home and Spence took a break before helping with supper - tonight it was butter chicken, rice, papadum & naan.  Tonight I'm off to class and Spence will continue to chill.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Yesterday was a big day for Spence - he asked a girl to the upcoming dance and she said yes.  We had our first PE class of the winter season and we had our first drum lesson after the holidays.

We went to Pulicinella's for a celebratory lunch and got enough food for both supper and lunch today.  For supper we also made spaghetti meatball subs - so lots of food for yesterday and today.

Today, we did our regular school load - math, spelling, reading, printing, drums, history, karma training and reading more of Percy Jackson.  I headed off to my client's for the afternoon and Spence had some game time before James picked him for their night out.

They headed out for a movie and dinner out and in the meantime I stayed downtown for a bit to celebrate one of my client's 15 yr anniversary as a public company, on my way home, it started to snow hard enough that I drove about 30km/h all the way home and it took me nearly an hour to make it safely.

Hoping they clear the roads overnight

Monday, January 07, 2013

Well, we are easing back into school/work mode and we started by reading some Percy Jackson, doing some training with Karma, math quiz, spelling quiz, history - more about gladiators, reading, drum practice and then cleaning up the bsmt and doing laundry.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Well we had a busy few days.  James took Spence to his new place on Friday and Saturday and they had a good time together (Spence came home this morning and went straight to bed until after 1pm).

I had a good time too - I caught up with some old friends and had dinner out, coffee and drinks and managed to grab a second workbench for my projects, finish redoing most of my dresser top (I'm refinishing it) and I also started cleaning each floor.

I went clothes shopping as I have lost enough weight to look as if I borrowed jeans from someone several sizes bigger - and so I bought all new jeans - but I got 2 on sale for $15 each and then $30 for each of the other two pair - so I did pretty well.  My friends niece was assigned to find me appropriately fitted clothing, as I tend to buy stuff that is several sizes too big.

Tonight we made Vietnamese Subs at home with satay beef for Spence and veggie beef for me.  They turned out really good, so we decided we'll make these again.  They were really simple to make and tasted really good.

Now it's video game time for Spence and I will get a bit of work done and prepare for the week - both for school, as we're off winter break as of tomorrow and work.