Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today is a chill day - off to the beach once Spence gets up and then figuring out a zipline day before I leave.

I did 3.3 miles today on my run - pretty happy as that is my 3rd run on the island and I started with 1 mile - so have added 1 mile a day.  Hoping to hit 4 miles next run.

We headed out to the beach around 11am and James and Spence went out snorkeling and I decided to tan.  They came back and said I hadn't missed much.  They left and I stayed another half hour and then headed back to the condo.

We went to Maui Taco for lunch and I grabbed a few things I needed for supper tonight - we're doing appies night at grama & grampas.

Once home, Spence headed up to play with his buddies and I went to tan a bit more...only 3 more days, trying to take advantage when I can.

We decided to rent gear tomorrow and go for a shore dive and see how that goes.  Spence is not stoked, but is willing to go to keep us company.  On Friday I have booked a surf lesson because I can't find a place to surf with my board and I really badly want to get up on a board.

We'll figure out Thursday - zipline, dive or beach - not sure which yet.

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