Friday, December 27, 2013

Today as my last day on the island, I decided to treat myself to a surf lesson.  I went with Maui Wave Riders and my instructor was Sol (a girl) and it was well worth it.  I should have done this on Monday when the waves started kicking up and I would have had a full week of surfing - lesson learned though.

I spent 2 hours riding waves - I caught about 6 or 8 of them in that time, most of which I paddled into myself and rode all the way in to shore.  We spent the time talking about how to read the wave - see where it will crest, how to move quickly, how to pop during a way so you don't get washed off the board on the big waves (yep we got some good 6' waves today on the beginner beach).  I caught mainly the 2 - 4' waves and tried to catch one 6' wave but toppled :)

It was great and at the end I couldn't move my arms they were so tired and the sets were just getting bigger, there were no small waves (1-2') by 9:30 when I left and I definitely could have ridden my 7' board today if I had anything but jello arms after the lesson.

I had planned on going back, but when I discovered my arms were not listening to me, I decided pool time was in order.

James and I went off to switch the truck rental first and then while I headed to the pool for as much tan time as possible (I lasted a mere 1.5 hrs), the boys went off for lunch and then for a walk.

While we were all out, the AC guy came and started a very long process of replacing the AC in the condo - James napped, Spence played on his video games with buddies and I caught up on the blog, facebook and did some work.

Tonight James is making steak burritos (black bean for me) and I'm flying home on the red eye and will be happy to see the pets and wait for Spence to arrive next week.

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