Saturday, December 07, 2013

Not a great day today - but it's almost done.

Spence was off with his dad overnight - so he was having a good time.  I got up around 2 or so as Hunter threw up....then near 5am while he had an 6am everyone needed to go pee.  I left for work at 10am, Spence beat me home to find that Karma had torn apart a few of my belongings and Hunter had another accident.

I took Hunter off to the vet and almost $300 later, we have him on antibiotics and are hoping that will be the ticket.

I also got a call from Hunter's sitter telling me that she couldn't take care of Noc as she is allergic and unless all she had to do was clean kitty litter and food - she couldn't do for the notice.  I finally got a hold of Karma's kennel and they said they don't take cats, but would take Noc and have him as the mascot kitten for the 3 weeks I am away.

I needed a do over day....we had pasta for supper and otherwise plan to relax for the rest of the night.

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