Monday, December 16, 2013

It's been a few days - lack of internet and busy schedule :)

Friday we got to the airport in plenty of time (thank goodness) as the agent had never processed a surf board bag and it took us 45 minutes to figure out how to do that and to make sure it would fit on the plane.  When we were seated on the plane, we saw them drive away with our bag still on the carriage and were a bit worried the bag wouldn't make it....we had our two suitcases, two dive bags and surf board bag - so lots of luggage.

We made it to Vancouver and saw that the bag had made it as they show you pics on the screen and you ID your bags that way.  We met up with Leora and then once on the flight (we were sitting in different seats) we settled in for 6 hours of videos, reading and a bit of work for me.

We made it to Maui without incident and met grama & grampa as we exited.  Grandparents had a good plan - grampa would stay with Leora and Spence and they would gather our luggage, while grama took me to Budget to grab the vehicle.  I got the truck after making sure it would fit the boards and off we went.  Grama gave good directions to Kihei once we loaded up the truck.

We had snacks at their place and then headed up - I am still on Calgary time, but was still wide awake until past midnight Maui time.

The next morning we got up and headed out for some groceries, new board shorts for Spence who had grown out of almost every pair he owned and a rash guard because we couldn't find his at home.  Then we headed down with snorkel gear to the beach across the street from the condo and did some snorkeling after I got knocked over by a wave trying to put on my fins - then off to the tidal pools and then back home to do a bit of work and try and sort out the internet - which was non-operational.  Turns out it was broken and they said hopefully within 48 hours they'd have someone out to fix it (the router is 6 yrs old...maybe time to replace it).

Then we met up with grama, grampa and auntie for dinner at Fred's (taco joint) where we had some good tacos and then headed home afterwards.

Sunday - grampa left us a Sunday care package (scone and cinni bun) and we met them at Ulua beach around 9:30.  They had been there for a while already and had staked out a spot for us.  Spence, grama & grampa got right into the water - I was too cold (cloud cover made me cold) and Spence took about a dozen pics of the fish and coral.  Then we went off to take pics of Spence surfing - turns out he forgot to put the fins on and the waves were breaking too close to shore.  Once we got the surf board back in the truck, we took grampa on a 5k hike along the resorts and then headed home for the day.  I booked our diving and kayaking tours and then got a snorkel keeper, mine is gone and then got ready to head up to grama & grampa's for dinner - spaghetti w meatballs - spencer's fav - grama makes the best meatballs and sauce so we couldn't miss that.

Today I am heading out in about 10 min to do the kayak tour - Turtle Town - it's a beginners tour, but I wanted to see the turtles.  Then I have to confirm our dive tours this afternoon and we plan to go to Maui Taco's (fast food joint that I've heard good things about) for supper.  Spence has decided he needs a day off of any tours, snorkeling or activities and plans to hang out at the pool and in the room.

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